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Sysmex XN 1000 Hematology Analyzer


Sysmex XN 1000 is a reputable analyzer designed to transform hematology activity. According to the manufacturers, this automated analyzer is one step ahead of most modern hematology analyzers. Besides, it is compact, thereby making it suitable for a clinical setup with a small space.

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Sysmex XN 1000 is a hematology analyzer that generates a “flag” for individuals who may be at risk of certain hematological disorders based on the CBC results (referred to as an interpretive program (IP) message). Some examples of Sysmex XN-1000 IP messages include RBC agglutination (clumping), iron deficiency, and hemoglobin defects [9].

The accuracy of the Sysmex analyzer to correctly “flag” individuals at high risk of a genetic hemoglobin defect is of critical importance, as this information could be used to refer these high-risk individuals for more definitive testing (which can be expensive and difficult to access).


What is Sysmex XN 1000?

With the advancement of technology, there has been a significant advancement in the development of hematology analyzers. If you do not know what hematology is, it is a branch of medicine dealing with identifying blood-related diseases. Besides, a hematologist needs a reliable automated analyzer to carry out this testing activity.

It is where the Sysmex XN 1000, which is an automated analyzer, can come in handy. The Sysmex XN 1000 has received well-recognition in-vitro diagnostics testing, for it provides reproducible result quality quickly and efficiently. 

It also comes with a built-in automated re-run/reflex ability, which decreases manual interventions. Overall, the Sysmex XN 1000, with its several excellent diagnostic features, is a powerful tool with a small footprint.

Overview of Sysmex XN 1000:

The Sysmex XN 1000 is a reputable analyzer designed to transform hematology activity. According to the manufacturers, this automated analyzer is one step ahead of most modern hematology analyzers. Besides, it is compact, thereby making it suitable for a clinical setup with a small space.

Another essential attribute of the Sysmex XN 1000 is that it provides reproducible result quality within no time. Its automatic re-analyzing sample feature considerably frees up time and resources and minimizes manual interferences.

The Sysmex XN 1000 operates with a method that is free of cyanide for measuring hemoglobin. If you are not familiar with cyanide, it is a chemical compound that prevents cells from using oxygen. Besides, it allows a total throughput of around 100 samples in an hour for whole blood, while 40 samples per hour for Body Fluid Mode.

Product Applications:

  • XN series enumerate advanced clinical parameters like Ret, He, IPF , NRBC, which are of additional clinical relevance for hospitals with multispeciality functionalities like oncology, nephrology , ICU’s, etc
  • Ret He, IRF, and reticulocyte count are helpful for anemia management, IG for infections, IPF for screening and monitoring of thrombocytopenic disorders, and NRBC for assessing ineffective erythropoiesis. (RET-He) helps differentiate iron deficiency anemia from anemia of chronic disorders

Features and Benefits of Sysmex XN 1000:

The Sysmex XN 1000 comes with several crucial features, making it a powerful automated analyzer for all types of clinical setups. Following are some essential features and benefits of Sysmex XN 1000:

  • It comes with a touch screen and graphical user interface, which allows for easy use.
  • The hourly throughput of the Sysmex XN 1000 is around 100 samples.
  • Reagent management systems.
  • You can customize the diagnostic applications based on clinical needs.
  • It features remote monitoring.
  • The Sysmex XN 1000 is considerably compact. Hence, it is an ideal option, especially if you have tight laboratory space. 
  • It comes with optional reagent container sizes.
Distinctive features of the Sysmex XN-1000 analyzer:
  • Choice of diagnostic channels for laboratory tasks:
    • RET – determination of reticulocytes
    • PLT-F – fluorescence detection of platelets
    • WPC – detection of precursors of leukocytes, including stem cells
    • BF – research of biological fluids
  • Reflex testing technology (Rerun & Reflex) allows automatic additional examination of samples with an extended profile.
  • The aspirated sample volume in all modes is 88 μL, which is especially important for pediatrics, neonatology, and gerontology
  • Capillary blood analysis capability in automatic mode using sample rack AK407696 RBT RACK SET COMPLETE and suitable capillary blood tubes.
  • Simultaneous work in automatic and manual modes (for emergency samples)
  • Productivity from 83 to 100 samples per hour depending on the selected mode
  • Sampler capacity 50 tubes: 5 racks of 10 tubes
  • Online service access for remote condition monitoring and service for XN analyzers
  • Cartridge supply of fluorescent dyes. Reagents are easy to change and simple to use

Additional Features of Sysmex XN 1000:

The goodness of this automated hematology analyzer does not end there. Here are some other additional features of the Sysmex XN 1000.

One good thing about this analyzer is that you can equip it with all the necessary diagnostic applications. Based on what you have installed, it will perform a range of rule-based tests. Besides, it automatically feeds the positive samples into an extended measurement.

Although this automated analyzer is a stand-alone system, you can make it flexible through optional software.


  • Principle of Measurement:

    • RBC, PLT: Hydrodynamic focused impedence method
    • WBC, Differentials:Fluorescent flow cytometry
    • Reticulocytes: Fluorescent flow cytometry
    • HGB: Non-cyanide SLS hemoglobin method
    • HCT: Cumulative pulse height detection method

    Optical Module:

    • Semiconductor laser assembly with photodioide and PMT
    • Throughput: 100 samples per hour
    • Sample volume: WB mode: 88 µl
    • PD mode : 70 µl
    • Body fluid : 88 µl

    Linearity: Whole Blood Mode:-

    • WBC: 0-440 x 103 / µl
    • RBC: 0-8.6 x 106 / µl
    • HGB:0-26 g/dl
    • HCT : 0-75 %
    • PLT: 0-5000 x 103 / µl
    • NRBC: 0-600 / 100 WBC

    Body fluid mode:-

    • WBC: 0-10000 x 103 / µl
    • RBC: 0-5000 x 106 / µl

    Built-in Quality Control:

    • XN check (Low, Normal, High)
    • XN check BF (Body fluid ) (L, N)
    • Storage: 99 QC files (LJ & radar charts )

    Display: TFT monitor with touch screen display Memory:

    • Data storage 100000 samples
    • Patient information: 10000 records
    • External printer compatible with Windows 7


    • USB Interface to the Host computer (Serial and LAN port)
    • USB Interface to External Barcode reader

    Power: 230 V AC Size (mm) and Weight:

    • 645 (W) x 855 (H) x 755 (D)
    • Approx. 78 Kg

To sum up, the Sysmex XN 1000 is one of the well-recognized hematology analyzers. It provides reproducible result quality quickly and efficiently. For this reason, it has received well-recognition in-vitro diagnostics testing of whole blood specimens.  

Overall, the Sysmex XN 1000 has several excellent diagnostic features and is a powerful tool in a small footprint. Above all, it is significantly compact, thereby making it a perfect choice for even small clinical laboratories.

Comes with PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, bar code reader, several racks, operator’s manuals, pneumatic unit, UPS, tubing, CellPack DFL Platelet-F Reagent, cables/cords.

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