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ADVIA 2120i Hematology System with Autoslide


ADVIA 2120i Haematology System is the only hematology system for human and animal samples offering complete multispecies hematology testing capability with practical automation.

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ADVIA 2120i Hematology System can truly automate your hematology lab without the need for large track-based systems, expensive stains, or reflexive testing. This is how Siemens delivers Practical Automation to your hematology lab.

The system streamlines workflow and maximizes productivity by eliminating the majority of commonly performed manual steps. It delivers the gold standard in testing methodology for optimum results while offering the simplicity and flexibility you need for easy integration into your lab.

ADVIA technology utilizes peroxidase staining—the gold standard in differential testing. This primary methodology of the ADVIA Hematology Systems also provides a secondary total white cell count that acts as an internal QC check to monitor sample integrity.

What is Advia 2120i?

ADVIA 2120i is a High-performing hematology analyzer with high-end performance. It is one of the most versatile hematology instruments on the market with its triple way of loading samples, the possibility to choose what to read (Formula, CBC, RETIC, CBC + Formula, CBC + RETIC + Formula, etc.), morphological flags, and settable errors that minimize the slide reading, allowing diagnosis.

Today, automated cell counters have become significantly popular for use in clinical laboratories. The reason is that these tools provide fast and cost-effective in-vitro diagnostics testing of whole blood specimens. 

The one good thing compared to our current XN-10 analyzers was a special Advia 2120i parameter called the Cellular HGB. The Advia 2120i analyzed the hemoglobin content of each individual RBC as it passed through the measurement aperture in the flowcell, and generated a Cellular HGB result. The advantage of this measurement is that it eliminates interference of hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia found in the regular HGB measurement methods. This allowed us to often report the Cellular HGB to the unit in place of the regular HGB when these interferences were present. In order to provide a HGB result with our current XN-10 analyzers, we have had to purchase a separate HGB analyzer which provides a result not affected by these interferences.

One automated analyzer that has got the attention of modern clinical laboratories is the Advia 2120i. As an upgraded model of Advia 120, the Advia 2120i delivers higher confidence and better efficiency, thereby ensuring optimal results. Besides, with its flexibility and simplicity attributes, buyers can easily integrate into their laboratories.


It is worth noting that the Advia 2120i is the successor of the Advia 120 model. Hence, it comes with better build-in features and provides top-rated performance and results.

The Advia 2120i works with a method that is free of cyanide for measuring hemoglobin. If you do not know what cyanide is, it is a chemical compound that prevents cells from using oxygen. This fully automated analyzer also has a new user interface. In addition to blood analysis, it can regularly analyze biological fluid samples. Besides, the Advia 2120i allows for medium to high volume testing in a modern clinical lab.

Essential Features at a Glance:

  • The high throughput capacity of 120 samples per hour with sophisticated technologies for analyzing White Blood Cell (WBC) Differentials, Red Blood Cells (RBC) Reticulocytes and Platelets
  • Accepts up to 150 samples at a time
  • 21 pre-programmed species provide ready-to-use cell gating across a wide spectrum of species, and an unlimited number of user-definable archetypes allow easy expansion to new species
  • The unique playback function allows replay of sample results in alternate species without redrawing or retesting.
  • Data manager provides full traceability at no additional cost so that you can run customized reports at any time.
  • Autoslide connectivity
  • NRBCs on every sample
  • Body Fluid Capability
  • Unique UnifluidicsTM Technology
  • Efficient and cost-effective workflow
  • Fully automated daily maintenance
  • ‘Right first-time’ results

How Accurate and Reliable is Advia 2120i?

The Advia 2120i is a fully automated tool that combines the features of flexibility, ease to use, and reliability. Hence, it delivers outstanding performance. 

Experts conducted a clinical trial to evaluate the reliability, precision, and accuracy of the Advia 2120i using 749 samples from worldwide. The findings indicated that the Advia 2120i provides an excellent correlation between reticulocyte counts, white cell differential, and complete blood count. Apart from these, the clinical trial also found the following merits of the Advia 2120i:

  • The Advia 2120i offers a better user-friendly software interface.
  • The method of hemoglobin determination was free of cyanide.
  • It can analyze biological fluids.
  • The system is more responsive to the presence of blasts.

The only downside of the Advia 2120i relates to a slightly low correlation coefficient for monocytes. Nevertheless, this fully automated analyzer comes with more sensitive flagging software. In other words, there is a change in the threshold between neutrophils and monocytes on the Advia 2120i model. Hence, this downside is not a major concern.

To sum up, the Advia 2120i is a dependable analyzer that offers reliable and accurate performance. As a successor of the Advia 120 model, the Advia 2120i has better features required for in-vitro diagnostics testing. Besides, the Advia 2120i can carry out sample tests using an automated closed tube, manual open tube, and manually closed tube.

Above all, the Advia 2120i has passed the clinical trial of accuracy, precision, and reliability. Hence, it becomes a suitable hematology analyzer in hospitals, clinical laboratories, or other medical setups.



Differential Results (Absolute and %) NEUT, LYMPH, MONO, EOS, BASO, LUC (Large Unstained Cells), NRBC
Platelet Results PLT, MPC, PDW, PCT
Reticulocyte Results (Absolute and %) RETIC, MCVr, MCVg, CHCMg, CHCMr, RDWr, HDWr, CHg, CHr, CHDWr
CSF Assay Results RBC, WBC, Absolute and % NEUT, LYMPH, MONO, EOS, BASO, PMN, MN
*CN-free Hb method      †For research use only

Sample Modes/Volumes

Automatic Closed Tube 175µl
Manual Closed Tube 175µl
Manual Open Tube 175µl

Test Selectivity/Throughput

CBC 120 samples/hour
CBC/RETIC 74 samples/hour
CBC/DIFF 120 samples/hour
RETIC 74 samples/hour
CBC/DIFF/RETIC 74 samples/hour

Weight & Dimensions

Analytical Module with Autosampler:
Weight 193kg
Height 86cm
Width 141cm
Depth 68cm
Analytical Module without Autosampler:
Weight 163kg
Height 86cm
Width 81cm
Depth 68cm


  • 2 bottles of RBC-PLT 2,7 L,
  • 2 bottles of Baso 1,1 L,
  • 2 bottles of Hgb 1,1 L.
  • 2 bottles of Perox1 650mL + 2 bottles of Perox2 305mL + 2 bottles of Perox3 585mL + 2 bottles of Perox Sheath 2,7L.
  • Opti-point (4×6 mL)
  • Sheat-Rinse (20 liters)
  • Defoamer (4×125 mL)
  • Retic (820 mL)

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