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Sysmex XP 300 Automated Hematology Analyzer


Sysmex XP 300 is a reliable hematology analyzer suitable for any clinical setup requiring robust and high-quality diagnostic results. XP 300 comes with a wide range of new specifications, such as an effective reagent management system, touch screen, etc

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Sysmex XP 300 is the 3-part differential automated hematology analyzer that combines the robustness and confidence in the results of its predecessor, the KX-21N, with a modern design and new features such as Spanish-language software with intuitive menus, a touch screen, and a barcode reagent management system that will optimize the laboratory routine.

The XP 300 performs a separate count of neutrophils and lymphocytes, which compares favorably with other 3-DIFF analyzers, where neutrophils are included in the calculation of the total group of granulocytes and are not read separately.

The possibility of separate counting of neutrophils and lymphocytes on the XP-300 analyzer is of great clinical importance: an increased number of NEUT neutrophils (#,%) is important for assessing the acute phase of inflammatory and infectious processes and serves as an early marker of the disease. The number of LYMPH lymphocytes (#,%) increases with viral infections and lymphomas.


What is Sysmex XP 300?

The Sysmex XP 300 is a reliable hematology analyzer suitable for clinical setups requiring robust and high-quality diagnostic results. Unlike its predecessors, the XP 300 comes with a wide range of new specifications, such as an effective reagent management system, touch screen, etc. Besides, the Sysmex XP 300 will be an ideal choice regardless of whether you are looking for the latest analyzer or a backup analyzer.


Thanks to a color LCD touch screen and unique reagent barcode system, the XP-300 is easy to use. Using a hand-held barcode reader, the XP-300 is easy to use. Using a hand-held barcode reader, you can register reagents safely, simply, and quickly and so improve your lab’s productivity. And because assay values are entered via barcodes, quality control is simplified significantly too.

Overview of Sysmex XP 300:

The Sysmex XP 300 is one of the latest members of the Sysmex three-part differential portfolio. It has a small footprint and is suitable for all modern clinical setups, ranging from physician laboratories to satellite labs.

One essential attribute is that the manufacturers have built on the Sysmex platform of proven reliability. For this reason, it provides a rapid and precise analysis of the Complete Blood Count (CBC). Besides, it offers a three-part differential, including an absolute neutrophil count, histograms for white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelet.

Another essential feature of the Sysmex XP 300 is its six QC files, which allow you to perform cross-over studies efficiently. Additionally, it is easy to use and maintain.

The XP-300 analyzer provides an accurate diagnosis of anemia.

The high-precision cyanide-free method for determining hemoglobin and the direct (and not calculated) method for measuring hematocrit are directly calibrated to reference methods and have direct traceability to them.

All Sysmex analyzers, including the XP-300, are ISO 17511 certified, which confirms the direct traceability of the results measured by these analyzers to the reference methods.

A modified Coulter method is used to count blood cells in a fixed volume (not overtime), which provides accurate results regardless of sample flow and the state of the analyzer’s hydraulic system.

XP-300 is maximally adapted to the needs of clinicians for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients.
  1. Superior stability – factory calibrated for life.
  2. Availability of intelligent tips for correcting errors and anomalies in the calculation, such as aggregation, etc.
  3. The boundaries for cell separation are not fixed by the manufacturer in advance but are set by the analyzer for each sample.
  4. The unique sampling system guarantees accurate sample volume and quality results.
  5. Automatic entry of the passport of control materials into the analyzer and facilitated accounting and control over the consumption of reagents using a bar-coding system. This unique XP-300 reagent barcode system and integrated reagent management system will help you meet the ever-increasing regulatory requirements for documentation, accreditation, and traceability. You can also add an operator identifier, which will subsequently be included in printouts and data transmitted to the LIS central computer.

Specification at a Glance:

  • Twenty parameters in both PD and WB mode.
  • The hourly throughput of the Sysmex XP 300 is approximately 60 samples.
  • The sample volume of whole blood mode is around 50µL, while it is 20µL for pre-diluted mode.
  • Hand-held barcode reader.
  • Easy access to QC results.
  • It comes with a built-in thermal printer.
  • Color LCD touch screen.
  • Up to 40000 samples of data storage.

Performance and service:

  • Productivity – 60 tests / hour;
  • The duration of the measuring cycle is 60 s;
  • The minimum amount of reagents is only 2 (3 with Cellclean!) Reagents for 20 parameters: Cellpack (shelf life 18 months, open pack 60 days; Stromatolyser-WH (shelf life 12 months, open pack 90 days);
  • Number of flushing fluids – 1 (Cellclean);
  • Reagents made in Germany;
  • The need to calibrate the device only for hemoglobin and hematocrit;
  • Direct measurement of hematocrit by the accumulation of erythrocyte column volume;
  • Automatic self-monitoring, flushing, cleaning, and shutdown system;
  • The ceramic rotary valve of the dispensing system ensures the reliability of the system;
  • Automatic clot removal, automatic electrical and liquid aperture cleaning;
  • Built-in quality control with graphing.

How Sysmex XP 300 Works:

The operation of the Sysmex XP 300 is significantly straightforward and does not require high technical knowledge. Once you turn on the analyzer, it will automatically go through its startup sequence. However, before you run a patient’s sample, you need to ensure that the Sysmex XP 300 is in the ready state. Besides, you can enter the sample using the touch screen or the barcode scanner. 

The goodness of the Sysmex XP 300 does not stop here. Once you have entered the patient’s sample, the Sysmex XP 300 will display the results within 60 seconds. Furthermore, you can print out the results using the built-in thermal printer or directly output to the LIS.

Maintenance of the Sysmex XP 300:

When it comes to maintenance, the Sysmex XP 300 again stands out compared to its competitors. The reason is that it is easy to maintain and requires the least hand zone time. 

To carry out daily maintenance, you only need a solution of five percent filtered bleach. This analyzer will inhale the bleach solution and go through its cleaning and shutdown procedure automatically. Hence, you get enough time to focus on your patients.

The Sysmex XP 300 also requires other maintenance based on the cycle counts. We recommend cleaning the waste chamber at least once a month or every 15 hundred cycles. Again, you can carry out this maintenance by simply clicking some buttons.

The Sysmex XP 300 is one of the excellent hematology analyzers available today. It offers rapid and accurate analysis of Complete Blood Count (CBC0) with a three-part differential. Another essential benefit of this automated analyzer is that it is easy to maintain and requires minimal hand zone time. Besides, it comes with a small footprint and is suitable for all modern clinical setups.

Offer includes:

  • Back Power LCD Pro Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Barcode Reader Connection Cable Cable
  • Supply of reagents and consumables.
  • Technical service by certified engineers trained based on the manufacturer.
  • Educational and methodological support.
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty
  • (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord
  • (1) Sysmex Handheld Barcode Scanner

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