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Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope Trinocular Tube On

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Discover the Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope, an essential tool for advanced research and quality control. It has high-resolution optics, versatile zoom, and ergonomic design and is ideal for biological and material science studies. Experience unparalleled clarity and ease of use with Zeiss’s cutting-edge technology.

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The Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope is a sophisticated optical instrument designed for high-precision, stereoscopic viewing in scientific and industrial laboratories. When crafting an article about this product, it’s crucial to highlight its key features, benefits, and why it is an excellent choice for lab use.

The Stemi 508 is a compact, reliable Greenough stereomicroscope. Its apochromatic optics capture images with excellent image contrast and color fidelity. The instruments are designed for a heavy workload. The large object field of up to 36mm allows you to take in the entire sample.

The 8:1 zoom allows up to 50X magnification, and when you use the exchangeable optics, you can observe an area of up to 122mm in diameter. The Stemi 508 is more ergonomic than any Greenough design stereo microscope: The narrow viewing angle of 35° means you can still observe with a relaxed attitude even after many hours of work.

The Stemi 508 microscope can be used to observe and document your samples exactly as detailed, focused, and free from any distortion or color fringing. The Stemi 508 is your robust all-rounder for daily laboratory work and industrial inspections.

Features of the Zeiss Stemi 508

  • The 8:1 zoom magnification range allows you to easily zoom in on small crystals and droplets for detailed observation.
  • Apochromatic objectives provide sharp, clear images with excellent color fidelity, which is important for accurately assessing the quality of crystals.
  • The integrated LED illumination provides bright, shadow-free light that minimizes glare and improves image clarity.
  • A low viewing angle of 35° ensures a comfortable viewing experience even during long periods of use, which is vital for tasks such as crystal harvesting that can be tedious and repetitive.
  • Ergonomic design with easy-to-use controls makes it a pleasure to use, even for extended periods.
  • Durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, even in demanding laboratory environments.


Describe the diverse applications of the Zeiss Stemi 508, such as:

  • Biological Research: For studying biological specimens, tissue samples, etc.
  • Material Science: Useful in examining surfaces, materials, and minute structural details.
  • Quality Control: Ideal for detailed inspection in industrial manufacturing.

Why Labs Should Choose the Zeiss Stemi 508

  • Precision and Quality: Emphasize the precision and reliability of results, which are critical in research and industrial applications.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: Its ease and flexibility suit various users, from students to experienced researchers.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Mention its robust build and low maintenance requirements, making it a cost-effective long-term investment for labs.

Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction​


  • Thanks to apochromatic zoom optics and efficient stray light suppression, profit from a crisp three-dimensional, distortion-free image without color fringes.​
  • Visualize objects in FOV up to 122 mm. Observe minute details in high contrast with 8:1 zoom.​
  • Use interchangeable apochromatic front optics and eyepieces to reach magnifications between 2× and 250×. Double your resolution or enjoy large working distances up to 287 mm without compromising optical quality.

Precise Mechanics for Heavy Workloads

  • Zeiss Stemi 508 uses durable and reliable mechanics for heavy workloads.​
  • Enjoy a well-balanced 3D impression: whether you zoom continuously variable or in reproducible mode by activating click stops – the image stays sharply focused over the whole magnification range.​
  • Thanks to the low viewing angle of 35°, you appreciate a comfortable posture even if you work on the microscope for long hours.


  • Magnification: 10-80x (with 16x eyepieces)
  • Cold light (LED) transillumination source with a large working area stand
  • Rotatable and slidable mirror for brightfield, darkfield, and oblique transillumination
  • Plain mirror side for crisp, diffuse mirror side for homogeneous illumination
  • Trinocular Camera Port Configuration (100/100) **Camera not included**
  • Camera Adapter 60N
  • Viewing angle 35 degrees with adjustable interocular distance
  • Transillumination Polarizer
  • Dual flex-neck top-side LED illumination
  • Manual focus drive
  • Analyzer Rotatable
  • 1.0X Achromat Objective Lens
  • 92mm Free working distance (from the objective lens)
  • 255mm X 215mm Work space dimensions (width X depth)
  • It comes with two eyepieces
  • Achromat 2x10X & 2x16X eyepiece type

Comparative table

Model* Microscope body Stand Incident Illumination Attachment
ZS508-0006 Binocular, 10x/23 Br. foc. K EDU with integrated LED transillumination for BF/DF Single-spot K LED
ZS508-0007 Trinocular, 100vis/100doc right, Camera adapter C-Mount 2/3” 0.5x K LAB, integrated LED transillumination with rotatable mirror for BF/DF or oblique transillumination Gooseneck double-spot K LED
ZS508-0008 Trinocular, 50vis:50doc right, Camera adapter C-Mount 2/3” 0.5x K MAT w/o transillumination,

ESD protection feature: antistatic surface

Ring illuminator K LED, segmentable, 48 LEDs in 2 rows
ZS508-0023 Trinocular, 16x/14 Br. foc., 100vis/100doc right, Camera adapter C-Mount 2/3” 0.5x M LED, Working surface W255xD215 mm;

Transillumination Unit M LED, rotatable mirror (plain/diffuse)

Front Optics 5 Apo 1.5x, FWD 53 mm




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