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SteREO Discovery.V12 Stereo Microscope from Carl Zeiss

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Explore the microscopic world with unparalleled depth and clarity using the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 Stereo Microscope. Ideal for biomedical research, material science, and educational purposes, this ergonomic and high-resolution microscope offers advanced optics and versatile illumination options. Elevate your scientific exploration with ZEISS’s cutting-edge technology.

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Unlock the world of microscopic wonders with the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 Stereo Microscope. Engineered for precision and clarity, this state-of-the-art microscope offers an unparalleled view of the microcosm. Whether you’re a researcher, educator, or enthusiast, the Discovery.V12 is designed to meet and exceed your microscopy needs.

Hear from our satisfied users who have experienced the transformative power of the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 in their research and educational endeavors.

Rudi Salim – Biometric Co Ltd

The ZEISS SteREO Discovery V12 is a modular stereo microscope with motorized 12x zoom. The motorized components of the SteREO Discovery V12 are fully integrated into your microscope software ZEN and AxioVision.

Measure and document samples reproducibly. Observe Drosophila or zebrafish embryos, stents, or circuit boards with an enhanced 3D impression over the 12:1 zoom range. Capture images that are crisp and rich in contrast, have excellent color fidelity, and contain more information. Stereo Discovery V12 enhances resolution and contrast in biology and quality assurance.

Stereo Discovery.V12 Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Optics Technology: Experience exceptional depth of field and clarity with the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12’s cutting-edge optics. Its V12 zoom offers a 12.5:1 zoom ratio, providing a wide range of magnifications for diverse applications.
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use: Long hours in the lab are made easier with its user-friendly and ergonomic design, ensuring comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: Capture and document your findings with high-resolution images. The Discovery.V12 integrates seamlessly with ZEISS cameras and software, allowing for easy image acquisition and analysis.
  • Flexible Illumination Options: Illuminate your samples precisely with various lighting options, including brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence, to reveal intricate details.

Take Control​

With the SYCOP Concept​


Use all essential functions of your stereo microscope without moving your eye from the eyepiece. Control all components with the joystick and touch screen or assign individual functions to the buttons. Position the System Control Panel wherever you need it. Magnification and focus, control of brightness, and display of current optical data – SYCOP makes your work easier.​

Electronic Zoom Curves​

For Twice as Sharp Images​


The zoom body is the core of stereo and zoom microscopes. When zooming, lenses have to be positioned precisely. eZoom replaces the mechanical curve with an electronic one. Stepping motors position the moveable lenses precisely and consider the individual lenses’ tolerances. Capture visibly more details with a doubled precision compared to a mechanical zoom body.​

Green: depth of field curve; within these parameters, images are in focus​
Red: typical defocus curve of a single zoom channel with mechanical zoom curve​
Blue: typical defocus curve of a single zoom channel with an electronic zoom curve


The ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 is versatile and suitable for a range of applications:

  • Biomedical Research: Ideal for examining biological samples, from cell cultures to organ tissues.
  • Material Science: Inspect and analyze materials with unmatched clarity, from metals to polymers.
  • Educational Use: An excellent tool for teaching and learning in biology, materials science, and more.

Why Choose the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12?

Choosing the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 means investing in quality, precision, and reliability. Its advanced features and unparalleled performance make it a top choice for professionals and hobbyists.

Elevate your microscopic exploration with the ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 Stereo Microscope. Discover a new world of detail and clarity today.


  • PL 10X/23 br. foc. eyepiece
  • eyecup
  • SteREO Discovery microscope body. V12 apochromatic stereo telescopic system with 12.5:1 (0.8X to 10X) motor zoom, double iris diaphragm with 76mm stand diameter, HIP or EMS 3 additionally required
  • binocular Ergo tube – S 5-45° photo tube with 51-75mm eye distance and with 100/100 switchover of the right channel to interface 60N
  • S 1.0X FWD 81mm plan objective (137mm adjustment length)
  • intermediate photo tube S, fixed 40mm to increase the viewing height
  • carrier S with 76mm mounting diameter
  • focusing motor 3 with 490mm profile column, 17kg load capacity; compatible with 450 mount base
  • mount base 450 WxDxH 449x346x30mm with 3x M8 female threads, 450 insert plate and B/W plate with D=120mm; compatible with 490/800mm profile column or 350mm T-column and 450 or 450 mot transmitted lighting unit or VisiLED transmitted lighting unit; stage, d=84mm requires additional adapter 84/120 (435430-010)
  • M dust protection set, consisting of dust cover (L650xW200xH570 mm), eyepiece cover, and protective cover for field diaphragm optics

Included in delivery:

  • EMS 3 controller consists of a wide range 150W power supply and an on/off power supply switch on the rear and the interfaces: –
  • 5x CAN RJ45 for CL 9000 LED CAN, SteREO, or Axio Zoom components,
  • 1x Power/CAN, and the additionally required 435403-9030 cable for the type 3 focusing motor or 435610-5003 for the type 2 motor,
  • 1x SyCoP 3, 2x KL 2500 LCD, 2x foot controller,
  • 2x CAN-HD15 for Axio accessories (motorized stage, light sources)
  • 1x USB for workstation, 1x RS232 (D-Sub DE9), incl. 2m USB cable and country-specific power cable
  • SyCoP 3 5.7″ color touch-screen system control panel with LED backlight, joystick, 2 scroll wheels and 6 programmable keys, incl. 2m cable for EMS 3
  • EMS3/CMD cable – type 3 focusing motor



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