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Labcyte Echo 650 Acoustic Liquid Handlers


Labcyte Echo 650 acoustic dispenser can transfer crystallization solutions and protein samples to crystallization plates in 2.5 nl increments contact-free using acoustic energy.

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Labcyte Echo 650 acoustic dispenser can transfer crystallization solutions and protein samples to crystallization plates in 2.5 nl increments contact-free using acoustic energy. Echo can be also used for a range of liquid transfer needs including compound libraries to an assay plate. Echo compatible source plates are available through the core facility.

“Labcyte’s unique product portfolio complements our existing liquid handling and laboratory automation business,” Jonathan Pratt, president, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, said in a statement. “It provides new opportunities to develop and enhance time-saving solutions for customer workflows.

Labcyte Echo 650 Series Liquid Handlers represent our most flexible line of instruments for low volume acoustic liquid handling. The Echo 655T and 650T Liquid Handlers offer the ability to transfer from acoustic sample tubes and deliver high-throughput plate processing speeds. Echo 650 and 655 Liquid Handlers readily transfer from Echo Qualified Microplates and can be upgraded to transfer from acoustic sample tubes in the future.

Labcyte Echo 650 Series Features:

  • Enables assay miniaturization in a broad range of applications
  • Transfer from 384-well and 1536-well microplates
  • Accurate, precise, contact-free acoustic transfer in volumes as low as 2.5 nL
  • Transfer from Echo Qualified sample tubes* and microplates

Key features of the Echo 650 laboratory stations

Main advantages

  • Non-contact transfer, eliminating cross-contamination, loss of substances, etc.;
  • Accurate and accurate transfer of nanoliter volumes reduces costs;
  • Better results with direct dilution versus sequential dilution;
  • Measurement of the degree of hydration of DMSO to assess the integrity of the sample and improve the quality of transfer;
  • Ability to transfer any volume of liquid from any type of well to any type of well.
  • FluidX AcoustiX Tubes
  • Compatible with Echo 650T and 655T;
  • Ensure the integrity of the sample at all stages;
  • Allows you to miniaturize the preliminary stages of manipulation with liquids for the safety of samples;
  • Provides quick access to samples for targeted screening.
  • Process automation
  • Integration with the Access Dual Robot system for adapting various devices;
  • Optimal performance tuning;
  • Compact and ergonomic design with turntables, docking bays, pull-out shelves, and drawers;
  • Additional features may include environmental management to protect samples from hydration or evaporation.
  • A new word in the work with samples

The Echo 655T allows you to transfer samples directly from tubes. This enables a completely non-contact process of liquids at all stages – from sample storage tubes to assay plates. The device can transfer small volumes of liquid (up to 2.5 nl) from plates of 384 and 1,536 wells, as well as from tubes of 96 pieces. The high transfer rate allows for a wide range of biochemical and cell assays.


  • Measure DMSO hydration levels to gain insights into sample integrity and improve transfer quality
  • Elimination of compound loss, cross-contamination, carry-over, or leachates through non-contact transfer
  • Accurate and precise transfer of nanoliter-scale quantities, enabling assay miniaturization, further reducing costs
  • Better results through direct dilution of compounds, an improvement over serial dilution methods
  • Flexibility to transfer any volume of liquid from any source well to any destination well

Labcyte Echo 650 Laboratory Stations Specifications

Drop volume 2.5 nl
Dosing volume from 2.5 nl to 5 μl (depending on the type of liquid, study and used original plate)
Reagent compatibility DMSO, reagents for PCR and qPCR, synthetic biology, NGS, primers and probes, culture media for cell cultures, proteins, nucleic acids, reagents containing up to 50% glycerol, serum, plasma and antibodies, enzymes and reagents for protein crystallography
Dosing accuracy deviation from target volume <10%
Dosing reproducibility CV <8% (excluding protein crystallography liquids)
Compatible starting consumables Echo compatible microplates, 384 and 1,536 wells
Compatible consumables Echo compatible microplates and most 96, 384, 1,536, 3,456 wells 8-16 mm high, conforming to ANSI / SBS standards.
Reading barcodes Short and / or long side
Dimensions, W x D x H 53.9cm x 68.3cm x 92.5cm
The weight 130 Kg
Work zone additional 25.4 cm at the top, 2.5 cm at the sides, 7.6 cm at the front, 30.5 cm at the rear
Power supply 120 VAC current, 50/60 Hz, 10 A or 230 VAC current, 50/60 Hz, 5A
Working temperature 21 ± 5 °C
Vacuum Min. centralized supply pressure: 266 mbar or Self-contained vacuum unit with equalizing vessel, minimum pump speed: 2.0 m 3 / h, minimum pressure: 133 mbar
Calibration by type of liquid not required

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