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Eppendorf epMotion 5075 LH


epMotion 5075 is the ideal solution for diverse liquid handling demands with an excellent tool for applications such as next-generation sequencing, real-time PCR set-up, magnetic bead-based purification, cell-based assays, or any routine pipetting tasks.

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epMotion 5075 automated pipetting systems are high-performance workstations capable of handling all pipetting and dispensing tasks in the laboratory. The volumetric dispensing systems can be integrated easily into the work environment and provide an economical solution for these time-consuming, delicate jobs so that personnel can spend more time on other laboratory work. The modular design of the entire epMotion® range also lends itself to a wide variety of options, extending its implementation possibilities enormously.

The epMotion 5075 LH (Eppendorf AG) is a flexible and highly accurate robotic platform that extracts DNA from forensic casework and reference samples. This study demonstrates the application of two manual protocols (Invitrogen – ChargeSwitch, Promega – DNA IQ) for DNA extraction from forensic samples on robotic liquid handling workstation epMotion 5075 LH (Eppendorf AG).

Both extraction protocols are based on the use of magnetic particles which bind DNA from the lysed sample. The aim was to compare and contrast these two protocols regarding DNA extraction efficiency from different sample types, DNA yields, and potential cross-contamination during the automated extraction process.

epMotion 5075 families of automated pipetting

The epMotion 5075 is the ideal solution for diverse liquid handling demands. It offers the same outstanding accuracy and precision as epMotion 5070 & 5073. The available options make the 5075 an excellent tool for applications such as next-generation sequencing, real-time PCR set-up, magnetic bead-based purification, cell-based assays, or any routine pipetting tasks.

The Epmotion family is nothing new to the automated pipetting world. These are the most flexible equipment for shaking, heating, and cooling the samples. The equipment comes with a 2DMix control technology used by the Eppendorf manufacturing company. Have a look at the Epmotion 5075 system specifications, features, and benefits.


  • Size/ Dimensions – 107 x 61 x 67 cm
  • Weight – 85 Kg
  • Pipet channels – 1 and 8
  • Plates – 12
  • Power – 80 W


The Epmotion 5075 is available to the public in three models – 5075 TMX, 5075 t, and the general 5075 I system. These models have some features in common, and there is also a slight difference in their performance levels. Read on to know the general feature of these machines from Eppendorf.

  1. Desk Space: 

These machines are ergonomically designed to suit almost every location. Moreover, they provide around 15 different positions in the ANSI or SBS format. So, it gives the operators all the flexibility and required place to carry out the required tasks. Due to this, these machines also cater to a wide range of real-time applications.

  1. Pipetting Accuracy: 

These machines are designed for the automation of pipetting in different processes like extractions. The automation process initially raised concerns among people, as there may be a mismatch with the quantity to be filled in. The Epmotion systems from Eppendorf put an end to all these concerns by delivering phenomenal accuracy in pipetting. The device operators can program the systems to fill a wide range of samples, and it happens in the exact quantity.

  1. CleanCap Technology: 

A unique thing about Eppendorf is the CleanCap technology used in the products. The company incorporated this technology in the 5075 and its previous version, 5073. Here, a 250 nano-meter UV light is included in the system by default. UV light prevents cross-contamination and crossover of different samples from being fed into the systems. Another addition to these devices is the HEPA filters. These filters ensure that the air inside the Epmotion devices is clean. The UV light and HEPA filters are together known as CleanCap technology.

Benefits of Epmotion 5075: 

The Epmotion devices are helpful for a wide range of applications, apart from automated pipetting as mentioned above. The following are some prevalent benefits of these devices from Eppendorf.

  • The devices come preprogrammed with respective modules like TMX with presetting. These fit in with most labs and are easy to use.
  • The operator need not program the tubes and plates specifically. As mentioned above, they are all preprogrammed and are included in the labware database.
  • Automated pipetting is the most significant advantage of these systems. The device users are free from a lot of tedious work and can focus on other essential tasks.
  • Its magnetic bead separation technology accounts for a cost-efficient model. Results prove that these machines save almost 50 percent of costs for the users.
  • Though the pipetting is automatic, these devices account for excellent results, creating effective homogenous assays. This is a part of the automated mixing technology.

Successfully Executed Protocols, Handled Plates, & Pipetted

After inspecting it and noting no damage, our senior technician began testing this epMotion. He created and ran a custom protocol, ensured that plates were handled smoothly, and more. Below is a summary of all the testing.

Testing Summary:

  • Connected to PC, created and executed custom protocol: PASSED
  • Populated the deck with tips, tubs, plates and pipetted from them with all dispensing tools: PASSED
  • Transferred plates with plate gripper: PASSED
  • System verified within a protocol that specified deck ware is in the proper locations and that the valuable tips are loaded: PASSED.
  • System verified that the liquid levels in reservoir and plates were specified in the procedure’s parameters: PASSED.

In short: zero problems were found in testing. We believe this system will work well for you.

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Invitrogen ChargeSwitch extraction protocol is more flexible to isolate DNA from samples containing different amounts of DNA – from pg to ng – compared to Promega DNA IQ extraction protocol. The differences between these protocols are more visible by isolating DNA from samples with little DNA (cigarette butts). Both protocols successfully passed the checkerboard cross-contamination tests; that is why they are highly recommended for DNA extraction from forensic samples on robotic liquid handling workstation epMotion 5075 LH.

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