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Illumina MiniSeq DNA and RNA System


Illumina MiniSeq system offers the industry standard and high-quality requirements corresponding to sequencing technology from Illumina and the ease of use of a user-friendly, inexpensive desktop system.

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Illumina MiniSeq system offers the industry standard and high-quality requirements corresponding to sequencing technology from Illumina and the ease of use of a user-friendly, inexpensive desktop system.

The MiniSeq system offers the power and confidence of Illumina technology in an affordable sequencing system. It features cost-effective sequencing, even for a low number of samples. Its streamlined workflow enables rapid DNA and RNA sequencing. The small size allows it to be perfectly adapted to laboratories, without the need for specialized auxiliary equipment.

The MiniSeq system offers flexibility between applications, allowing researchers to easily transition between sequencing projects for DNA and RNA applications, including signal transduction pathway profiling, hematology, and solid tumor molecular profiling, and mutation analysis in the germline. Optimized data analytics workflows are available for a growing application ecosystem.

The Illumina MiniSeq system combines loading and unloading operations with an intuitive user interface for fast and easy NGS workflow. The MiniSeq system integrates clonal amplification, sequencing by synthesis, and so-called base in a single instrument, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Simply load the flow cell and reagent cartridge into the MiniSeq system and sequence with the touch of a button.

Illumina MiniSeq Features:

  • system performance scalability (2-7.5Gb)
  • full sequencing cycle from 4 to 24h
  • fully automatic generation of clusters onboard the system
  • fully automatic data analysis onboard the system
  • high quality of the obtained data
  • no inconsistency of results with homopolymers
  • fully automatic paired-end sequencing

Simple and affordable next-generation sequencer

Illumina quality and reliability in a compact, affordable sequencer! MiniSeq allows your laboratory to make NGS a routine method. The MiniSeq is suitable for laboratories of all sizes – for both large and small sample flows.

The MiniSeq combines the best features of the MiSeq and NextSeq sequencers: the use of disposable reagent cartridges and a simplified fluidics system. MiniSeq provides exceptional speed and, with its compact size, allows you to get up to 7.5 GB of data and about 25 million reads in just a day.

Affordable tabletop sequencer

The MiniSeq is one of the most affordable sequencers offering the performance and reliability of proven Illumina NGS technology. With the MiniSeq, sequencing even small numbers of samples are cost-effective. Its streamlined workflow enables fast sequencing of both DNA and RNA. The small size makes the MiniSeq easy to fit in the laboratory without the need for specialized accessories.

System Applications

The MiniSeq system allows researchers to easily switch between DNA and RNA sequencing projects, including signaling pathway profiling, solid and hematologic tumor profiling, and germline mutation analysis.

Workflow: A Simple Path from Libraries to Results

The MiniSeq system combines ease of use with an intuitive user interface. Cluster generation and sequencing are combined in one compact benchtop sequencer, so you don’t need any additional hardware. Simply load the flowcell and reagent cartridge into the MiniSeq and start a sequence with the push of a button.

Convenient and intuitive software

Monitoring and analysis of the sequencer run is performed using built-in software that does not require an Internet connection. The device itself will make de novo assembly or alignment to the reference genome and variant calling for you.

These characteristics make the Illumina MiniSeq suitable for the following tasks:

1) Oncology

– analysis of somatic mutations in solid tumors (TruSight Tumor 15 panels, AmpliSeq panel line) and myeloid neoplasms (TruSight Myeloid) – analysis of predisposition to oncological diseases (TruSight Cancer, AmpliSeq panels) – cancer transcriptome-Pan-Cancer research and fusion (TruSight RNA Fusion, Archer Dx panel line)

2) RNA sequencing

– custom TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression panels to assess gene expression – RNA-Seq microorganisms, sequencing of RNA viruses – studying small RNA (TruSeq Small RNA)

3) Targeted sequencing

– a wide range of panels for any task.

4) Whole-genome sequencing of small genomes (up to 5 Mb)


Approximate response time and performance (cluster generation and sequencing)
Reading length (bp) total time * performance
1 × 75 approx. 7 hours 1.65-1.875 Gb
2 × 75 approx. 13 hours 3.3-3.75 Gb
2 × 150 approx. 24 hours 6.6-7.5 Gb
2 x 150 approx. 17 hours 2.1-2.4 Gb


Number of readings filtered The quality of the readings
type of reaction number of readings filtered
Single readings 22-25 million
Paired end readings 44-50 million


reading length base pairs above q30
1 × 75 bp > 85%
2 × 75 bp > 85%
2 × 150 bp > 80%



  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • Rapid Reagent Kit (100 cycles)
  • High Output Reagent Kit (75-cycles)
  • High Output Reagent Kit (150-cycles)


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