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Bruker S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Analyzer

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Experience the Bruker S1 TITAN: A premier handheld XRF analyzer for rapid, non-destructive elemental analysis in diverse environments. Revolutionize your fieldwork with accuracy and durability at your fingertips

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Bruker S1 TITAN is a handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. XRF is an analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials. The S1 TITAN from Bruker is designed to be portable, allowing for quick and non-destructive analyses directly in the field or on-site in various settings.

The S1 TITAN HHXRF series has 800, 500, and 500S configurations. All models use the latest graphene window SDD detector technology, enabling faster light element analysis. The S1 TITAN 800 uses a large area detector for fast analysis times. The S1 TITAN 500 and 500S are configured with a fast and accurate standard SDD detector.

All models have TITAN Detector Shield, which provides guaranteed detector protection. In addition, the S1 TITAN can be configured with calibrations optimized for various sample materials- including a wide range of alloys, metal coatings, various mining & environmental samples, and restricted materials.

Here are some key features and details about the Bruker S1 TITAN:

  • Portability: Its handheld design makes it easy to carry and use on the go, making it especially valuable for applications like mining, metal recycling, and environmental assessments.
  • Non-Destructive Analysis: XRF is a non-destructive technique, meaning samples can be analyzed without being altered or consumed.
  • Wide Range of Elements: The S1 TITAN can detect and measure various elements, from heavy metals like lead and mercury to lighter elements like magnesium and aluminum.
  • Fast Results: The device can produce results in seconds, which benefits industries that need quick decisions, such as scrap metal sorting.
  • Ease of Use: With intuitive software and a user-friendly interface, operators can be trained relatively quickly to use the device effectively.
  • Rugged Design: Recognizing the demanding environments in which it might be used, the S1 TITAN is designed to be robust and resistant to harsh conditions.
  • Calibration and Standards: The device comes with factory calibrations, but users can customize calibrations based on specific needs.

The S1 TITAN Benefits:

  • Calibrations include alloys, bulk material, gold and precious metals, mining, and custom tailoring to meet your unique business needs
  • Innovative Graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Faster than ever before
  • Superior resolution and count rates
  • Analysis of light elements, such as aluminum, silicon, and magnesium, without the need for helium or vacuum atmospheres

S1 TITAN Configurations

The S1 TITAN product line is entirely based on the latest detector technology. Every S1 TITAN model has a high-performance graphene window silicon drift detector (SDD). As a result, users can expect to have fast, precise analysis regardless of the chosen S1 TITAN model.

The S1 TITAN is available in three high performance configurations, all sharing the same advanced detector technology: S1 TITAN 500, 500S, and 800

  • The S1 TITAN 500 model is an excellent value choice when analysis of light elements is not required. It is designed for the simple and fast analysis of heavier elements, starting from sulfur.
  • The S1 TITAN model 500S is a fast and easy-to-use analyzer that simultaneously measures light and heavier elements.
  • The S1 TITAN 800 is the premium model with the widest application range and best light element performance for Mg, Al, and Si.

The Bruker S1 TITAN is applied in various industries, including metal alloy identification, environmental screening for contamination, precious metal analysis, quality control in manufacturing, geological and mineral exploration, and many more.

As with all instruments, it’s essential to understand their capabilities, limitations, and best practices to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Technical Details:

  • Instrument type: Handheld Portable XRF Analyzer

Calibration range:

  • S1 TITAN 800 & 500S: 37 elements, including light elements Mg, Al & Si
  • S1 TITAN 500: 31 elements
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds, with battery
  • Size: 10in x 11in x 3.7in

Sample temperature:

  • S1 TITAN 800 & 500S: Default to 150°C with Ultralene® window. Up to 350°C with Kapton® window.
  • S1 TITAN 500: up to 350°C
  • X-ray tube: Rh target
  • Max voltage: 50kV
  • Filter changer: Five-position filter (models 800); No filter: (model 500S); Fixed filer (model 500)

Included with Sale

  • S1 Titan
  • Case
  • Stand
  • Charger
  • Cable
  • Batteries (2), 7.2V
  • Battery Charger
  • Power Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Flash Drive & Remote Cable
  • Various Check Samples
  • Desktop Stand
  • Software
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Hard Case


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