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HORIBA ABX Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer


HORIBA ABX Micros 60 is a new generation analyzer used by hematologists for in-vitro diagnostics testing with fully automated technology. It can detect blood-related diseases quickly, thereby diagnosing the proper treatment to cure or prevent the disease.

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ABX Micros 60 hematology analyzers are fully automatic medical devices for measuring 8 or 18 blood parameters, designed to measure the counting concentration of leukocytes and erythrocytes by conductometric method and the mass concentration of hemoglobin by spectrophotometric method. Thanks to combining the immunoturbidimetry method and conductometry, the ABX Micros 60 hematology analyzers represent a way out to a new level of diagnostics of various diseases.

Analyzers allow you to determine the normal parameters of patients’ blood cells and signal pathological results that require additional research. Based on the results obtained, 18 parameters of the Micros 60 OT models’ blood sample are calculated, and histograms are constructed for use in in-vitro diagnostics. A distinctive feature of the ABX Micros ES 60 models is a built-in automatic control system for the main units. Models OT and ST differ from each other in the way of sampling.

What is ABX Micros 60?

HORIBA ABX Micros 60 is a new generation analyzer used by hematologists for in-vitro diagnostics testing. If you are not familiar with the term “hematology,” it is a branch of medicine that deals with identifying blood-related diseases. 

Thanks to this fully automated technology, hematologists can detect blood-related diseases quickly, thereby diagnosing the proper treatment to cure or prevent the disease.


HORIBA ABX Micros 60 is an effective and powerful piece of technology, universally recognized for its fast high-quality results, robustness, and reliability. 

It uses photometry and impedance technology, automated technology that measures the size of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. Besides, the ABX Micros 60, with its stepper motor technology, does not need a compressor to operate. 

However, the goodness of this fully automated technology does not end there. It comes packed with several essential features, making it a powerful tool for all types of clinical setups. Some of the key features of the ABX Micros 60 include—

  • The memory storage features a smart card.
  • The operator interface of the ABX Micro 60 comes with a single button.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Eight or eighteen parameters with three-part differential and histograms.
  • A microsampling of 10µL of whole blood per cycle.
  • Automatic sample probe cleaning and rinsing.
  • possibility of automatic calibration;
  • two months of operation of the analyzer on the starter kit with 15-20 analyzes per day.
  • use of 3 – 5 ml open or closed tubes in a special holder with EDTA ;
  • use of one container for waste and reagents;

With these features, the ABX Micros 60 provides excellent performance in every analysis application. Besides, it requires less maintenance and does not generate much noise.

How ABX Micros 60 works?

The ABX Micros 60 is a completely automated tool that combines the features of flexibility, ease to use, and reliability. In other words, it delivers outstanding performance and consistent results. 

Its functionality is the perfect option for determining eight or eighteen parameters, such as red blood cells, hemoglobin, white blood cells, platelet distribution width, among many others. Besides, it can carry out sample tests using either open tube or closed tube modes. As a result, the ABX Micros 60 allows a total throughput of around 60 samples in an hour. 

Overall, the performance of the ABX Micros 60 is outstanding and reliable. For this reason, this fully automated analyzer is one of the best suitable tools for use in hospitals, clinical laboratories, or any other medical setup.


As mentioned, ABX Micros 60 is a new generation technology, which means you can expect more added advantages. Following are some essential benefits of the ABX Micros 60:

  • It offers a user-friendly interface with quick access to all menus.
  • The management of the user’s profile is straightforward.
  • Multi-connection capability.
  • The main screen offers maximum control of all the parameters with a patients’ results capacity of 1000.
  • It features automatic daily maintenance and operational alerts.
  • Upload and download control information.
  • It offers flexible data exchange of patient’s results, thereby ensuring quality control.

To sum up, the ABX Micros 60 is a reliable analyzer that offers top-rated performance for in-vitro diagnostics testing of whole blood specimens. It comes packed with several key features and allows a total throughput of around 60 samples in an hour. 

Besides, it is available in both open tube and close tube sampling versions. These features make it a suitable tool for use in hospitals, clinical laboratories, or other medical setups.


  • Front Panel Key
  • Power Cable
  • Pick Up Tubes
  • Tube Holder Block
  • Barcode Reader
  • Operators Manual
  • Power Adapter

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