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Waters Acquity UPLC Waters SQD 2 and PDA Detector BSM Sample Manager

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Elevate Your Chromatographic Analyses with the Waters Acquity UPLC System. Achieve Ultra-Performance Separations and Improved Sensitivity for Scientific Excellence.

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The Waters Acquity UPLC (Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography) is a high-performance liquid chromatography system developed by Waters Corporation. It is designed for liquid chromatographic separations, focusing on improving speed, resolution, and sensitivity compared to traditional HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) systems.

“Highly reliable equipment, very clear and efficient software and easy to use. Although for analysts which are used to other softwares and instruments it may seem more complex, in reality its robustness, clarity, and huge potential in performing all calculations and reporting configuration, makes analytical tasks much easier. The technical support is of high quality and reliability, and it is usually very fast. Acquiring parts is also very straightforward and stress free. Going from HPLC to UPLC mode, for those who are starting, is easy with this hybrid, as the instructions are clear and effective. To sum up, it makes the analytical work much easier, faster and more reliable.”

  • – Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Waters Acquity UPLC system is widely used in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, food and beverage testing, and life sciences, where high-resolution and high-speed separations are required for accurate compound identification and quantification.

Overall, the Waters Acquity UPLC system represents a significant advancement in liquid chromatography technology, allowing researchers and analysts to achieve faster and more precise results in their chromatographic analyses.

Waters Acquity Features:

  • Interactive diagnostics software for worry-free system and fluidics optimization and performance checks with IntelliStart Technology
  • 1 pg sensitivity with either ESI or APCI
  • 10,000 Da/sec scan speeds up to 2,000 Da for full compatibility with seconds-wide UPLC peaks
  • Simple upkeep and minimal bench space requirement
  • Dual orthogonal sampling ionization with ZSpray source
  • Rapid polarity switching and multi-mode ionization with simultaneous APCI and ESI for comprehensive compound analyses in a single injection, with ESCi Technology
  • Multiple detection strategies available with supported Tunable UV (TUV), Photodiode Array (PDA), and Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) optical detectors
  • Control and data acquisition with Empower or MassLynx Software
  • Optional APPI(Atmospheric Pressure PhotoIonization)
  • Optional application managers are available

Tough metal-sensitive compounds? Not anymore.

Non-specific adsorption of metal-sensitive compounds is an unpredictable challenge, leading to long system passivation times, chromatography with large RSDs, and broad peaks that can be difficult to detect. The ACQUITY Premier System is built with proven ACQUITY technology, which offers actual UPLC performance, ultra-low dispersion, and high resolution.

Designed with MaxPeak HPS Technology, the ACQUITY Premier System improves peak shape and reproducibility for the most challenging metal-sensitive compounds.

Boost method efficiency with UPLC technology.

Take your methods to the next performance level by leveraging the benefits of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) technology to improve your existing HPLC methods. By scaling your methods to UPLC, your laboratory will benefit from the combination of increased resolution, sensitivity, and speed that comes with modern small-particle chemistries.

Along with fast UPLC analysis times, the ACQUITY Premier System reduces the need for system passivation to optimize assays for metal-sensitive compounds. Take your assays to the next level of efficiency, with faster analysis times and reduced system downtime, decreased reagent costs, and, ultimately, improved lab productivity.

Power-up recovery and sensitivity

The ACQUITY Premier System minimizes metal-sensitive analyte loss, improving recovery and detection limits. Couple the ACQUITY Premier System with a Waters mass spectrometer to confidently identify and quantify unknown compounds in complex samples and confirm trace components at the lowest possible levels.

Reproducible results with a reliable partner

The ACQUITY Premier System and ACQUITY Premier Columns are holistically designed to reduce analyte losses and improve repeatability for various metal-sensitive analytes interacting with metal surfaces in conventional LC technology.

Waters also delivers world-renowned services and support tailored to optimize laboratory productivity while addressing budget realities. Our offerings help you maintain peak system performance, minimize downtime, address scientific application challenges, and support stringent compliance requirements.


Maximum Operating Pressure   15,000 psi
pH Range   1 to 12.5
Operating Flow Rate Range   0.001 to 2.000 mL/min
Injection type Flow-Through Needle, Fixed Loop
Sample Flow Path    Inert (MaxPeak HPS Technology)
Sample Carryover   ≤0.002%
Sample Compartment   4 to 40 C
Pump Options   Binary, Quaternary
Solvent Conditioning   Active pre-heating as standard;
Column Tracking    eCord Technology column information management tracks and archives column usage
Column Capacity   Six columns up to 150 mm length, up to 4.6 mm internal diameter (I.D.)
Maximum Sample Capacity   8,064 (with Sample Organizer)
Detector Options    TUV Detector

PDA eλ Detector

FLR Detector

RI Detector

ELS Detector

Mass Spectrometers

External Control    Empower Software

MassLynx Software


Physical Specifications

QSM or BSM, SM-FTN, CH-A    

Width: 34.3 cm (13.5 in.)

Height: 71.1 cm (28.0 in.)

Depth: 71.2 cm (28.0 in.)


  • Waters Acquity UPLC Waters SQD 2 Mass Spec and PDA Detector BSM Sample Manager
  • The system is in excellent cosmetic condition.
  • SQ Detector ref# 186005832 serial # LCA531 manufactured July 2015
  • PDA 186015032 serial C11UPD867A
  • Column manager 800000238 serial D10UPM795R
  • Sample Manager 186015006 serial F11UPA122M
  • BSM 186015001 serial D11UPB871A

This system did not have a computer, so we could not test the SQD due to a lack of drivers. Also, as pictured, it does not come with a vacuum pump or gas trap. The front end powered up and connected without issue, minus the column manager battery backup error.



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