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Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3X


Explore the advanced capabilities of Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax i3X. This versatile multi-mode microplate reader supports absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, and more. Ideal for drug discovery, bioassays, and cellular research. Discover unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

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Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3x is a multi-mode microplate reader. It’s designed to perform various assays and measurements in a research setting, often used in drug discovery, bioassays, and other biochemical and cellular research.

SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader measures absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence. Its dual light sources, a xenon lamp and LEDs, illuminates samples with incomparable signal strength and superior sensitivity. The cooled PMT detector allows high sensitivity in a wide dynamic range, even in extremely low light.

Key features of the SpectraMax i3x may include:

  • Modularity: The SpectraMax i3x platform allows for easy expansion. This means that users can add additional detection modes (e.g., western blot, imaging) as their needs grow, without the need for an entirely new instrument.
  • Multi-Mode Detection: The system is capable of absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence readings, providing versatility for various assay requirements.
  • MiniMax Imaging Cytometer: Some configurations include an imaging cytometer option, enabling cellular imaging and analysis directly on the plate reader.
  • SoftMax Pro Software: This software provides an integrated solution for data acquisition and analysis. Its user-friendly interface ensures researchers can manage their assays efficiently.
  • Touchscreen Interface: A built-in interface offers easy-to-use, protocol-driven operation, which helps to reduce errors and streamline workflows.
  • Integrated Tool Stack: The system often comes with tools for assay optimization, including spectral scanning, and temperature control for kinetic assays.

Molecular Devices is known for producing reliable and high-quality laboratory equipment, and the SpectraMax i3x is no exception“SpectraMax plate reader is very easy to use, with detection of absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, etc.. For prep samples treated with the ELISA kit reagents, it is fast and user friendly. The equipment has integrated software that’s also very easy to use, flexible settings and the ability to create protocols and templates for specific assay parameters.” Ana Laura Castillo Perez – Freeline Therapeutics

Two fluorescence detection channels allow the instrument to analyze cell viability or cell toxicity assays, including ratiometric assays like live-dead and transfection efficiency. The SpectraMax i3x multi-functional detection platform launched by Molecular Devices can meet the multi-functional detection system with unlimited possible applications as your future needs change. The possibility of user upgrading the system with an application cartridge and an imaging cytometer makes this device the most flexible microplate reader on the market.

SpectraMax i3x Features

  • User-configurable applicationsUser-configurable detection modules expand the reader’s detection capabilities to include AlphaScreen, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, HTRF, fast kinetics with injectors, western blot detection, and more.
  • No-stain cell analysisThe StainFree™ Cell Detection Algorithm for brightfield cell segmentation enables cell counting and confluency measurement without destructive stains, simplifying the cell counting workflow.
  • Multi-channel functionalityTwo fluorescence detection channels on the MiniMax cytometer enable the analysis of cell viability or cell toxicity assays, including ratiometric assays like live-dead and transfection efficiency.
  • Cellular pathway analysisCell confluence and cell viability imaging, western blot analysis, and quantitation of nucleic acids and protein can be captured on one reader.

Add Cellular Imaging to your Plate Reader Workflow

Observe your cells’ viability with the field-upgradeable cellular imaging option for the SpectraMax i3x Multi-mode Detection Platform.

The field-upgradeable SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer enables quick imaging and analysis of cells and gives you a front-row view of phenotypic changes accompanying cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, and protein expression. Now with StainFree™ Cell counting Technology, additional brightfield analysis features, and fluorescent green and red detection channels.

SpectraMax i3x Advantages

  • The instrument can be upgraded with fluorescence polarization, delayed fluorescence (TRF), HTRF®, AlphaScreen® and more with application cartridges – installation in minutes
  • The only reader enabling the detection of western blots on membranes
  • Option to expand the system with a SpectraMax® MiniMax™ Imaging Cytometer for visualization of cell morphology
  • Spectral Fusion™ Illumination – a unique type of light source for an ultra-strong signal with increased fluorescence performance
  • Dual injectors with a smart injection function and the possibility of reverse liquid suction can be purchased for the device
  • Extended dynamic range with optimal sensitivity thanks to a cooled photomultiplier
  • SoftMax® Pro software for unique, comprehensive data analysis is part of the basic equipment

Applications of SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

  • Absorbance
  • AlphaScreen
  • Cell Health
  • Cell Imaging > Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Cell Imaging > Cell Migration
  • Cellular Signaling
  • Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence Polarization (FP)
  • Kinase/Phosphatase Assays
  • Luminescence
  • Microbiology and Contaminant
  • Nanoparticles
  • Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) Quantitation and Analysis
  • Protein Detection, Quantitation, and Analysis
  • Spheroids in 3D biology
  • Western blotting



  • SpectraMax® i3x Multi-mode detection platform
  • SpectraMax™ injector cartridge
  • Bottle holder for injector cartridge
  • Waste plate for injector cartridge
  • Tubing for injector cartridge
  • Adaptor for injector cartridge


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