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Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S FTIR Spectrophotometer System

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Discover the Shimadzu iraffinity-1s FTIR Spectrophotometer, a compact yet powerful tool from Shimadzu. Unveil how its dynamic alignment, high SN ratio, and ease of maintenance redefine infrared spectroscopy for chemical analysis and material characterization in modern labs.

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The Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S is a compact and sophisticated Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer designed to meet various teaching and general research laboratory needs.

The IRAffinity-1S FTIR spectrophotometer has been designed with teaching and general research laboratories in mind. Despite its compact design, it offers full functionality for all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR). The full-sized sample compartment accommodates various accessories to meet various application requirements.

Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S is easy to use. The results produced in comparison to other spectroscopy systems are very fine and reproducible. So, I especially recommended this product to any other organization. These are utilized in a wide range of structural analysis or non-destructive measurement applications.

  • : National University of Singapore, Singapore

The IRAffinity-1S’s interferometer is optimized and stabilized using a smooth-moving mirror system and Dynamic Alignment. To ensure that the IRAffinity-1S is always in the optimum operating condition, a self-diagnose routine monitors the system’s operation at initialization and constantly during operation. In addition, standard EP/CHP/JP/USP/ASTM validation programs are provided to evaluate the FTIR performance.

Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S key aspects

  1. Compact Design with Advanced Technology: Despite its compact form, the IRAffinity-1S does not compromise on technology. It includes a continuously optimized interferometer through a dynamic alignment mechanism, which enhances its operational stability and reliability.
  2. Maintenance and Reliability Features: The device has a built-in automatic dehumidifier and an auto dryer, which help maintain the instrument by controlling internal moisture. This feature is crucial for maintaining long-term accuracy and reducing maintenance needs.
  3. High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: The IRAffinity-1S boasts a high signal-to-noise (SN) ratio of 30,000:1 with 1-minute accumulation, ensuring excellent sensitivity and precision in measurements. This high SN ratio is particularly important for detecting low-concentration components in a sample.
  4. Excellent Resolution: It offers a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1, allowing for detailed and accurate spectral analysis. This high resolution is essential for distinguishing between similar compounds and for precise quantification.
  5. Suitable for a Range of FTIR Techniques: The IRAffinity-1S can perform all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR), making it versatile for various applications.
  6. User-Friendly Features: Features like a large sample compartment and self-diagnostics programs contribute to its user-friendliness and reliability, making it suitable even for users not specialized in FTIR spectroscopy.

Convenience of maintenance thanks to the built-in auto-dryer

Beam splitters used in FTIR instrument interferometers are exposed to moisture. To maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, it is necessary to protect the divider. The IRAffinity-1S interferometer is hermetic and equipped with a unique internal auto-dryer that does not require periodic regeneration.

The built-in polymer membrane enables electrolytic removal of water from inside the interferometer chamber, eliminating the need to check and replace drying cartridges significantly reducing the cost of maintaining the device.

Based on these attributes, the IRAffinity-1S is best suited for labs that require high-quality infrared spectroscopy with a device that is compact, easy to maintain, and versatile enough to handle a variety of samples and applications. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for educational and research-oriented laboratories, especially those focusing on chemical analysis and material characterization.

LabSolutions IR software


LabSolutions IR software, in addition to standard functions, allows measurements in photometric and kinetic (optional) modes. It includes a unique algorithm for searching spectra and a library containing about 12,000 spectra, greatly facilitating the identification of substances. LabSolutions IR software includes two main applications – Impurity Analysis and Substance Identification.

In addition to the usual set of liquid cuvettes and a kit for making KBr tablets, Shimadzu supplies specialized attachments that significantly expand the analytical capabilities of the Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S :

  • Attenuated total internal reflection (ATR) attachments.
    A series of attachments with prisms made of various materials (KRS-5, ZnSe, synthetic diamond), with a horizontal or vertical arrangement of the prism, attachments for the analysis of micro samples is produced. ATR attachments allow you to analyze liquid and solid samples, films, and rubber without special sample preparation.
  • Specular reflection attachments for the analysis of thin films on metal or rubber.
    The resulting reflection spectrum is converted into a transmission spectrum using software.
  • Diffuse reflection attachments for powder analysis.
    Powdered samples can be analyzed without pressing KBr pellets.
  • Multi-pass (up to 20 m) gas cuvettes, including heated and corrosion-resistant ones, allow the determination of impurities at a level of 1 ppm.
  • Attachment for measuring the transmission of micro samples (about 200 microns).
  • A device provides additional capabilities for outputting an external beam, which allows connection to the device of an AIM-8800 IR microscope with a highly sensitive MCT detector for analyzing micro samples.



Michelson type with an angle of incidence of 30⁰, with
an electromagnetic drive and dynamic adjustment. Sealed with automatic dehumidification

Optical system

Single beam

beam splitter

KBr plate with germanium coating

Radiation source

High-temperature ceramic


Highly sensitive thermally stabilized detector DLATGS

Spectral range

7800 – 350 cm -1


0.5; 1; 2; 4; 8; 16 cm -1

Mirror movement speed

4-step: 2.0, 2.8, 5 or 9 mm/sec

Signal-to-noise ratio

> 30,000:1 (for KRS-5, 4 cm -1 , 1 min, 2100 cm -1 , peak to peak)

Cuvette department

200×230×170 mm

Dimensions (W×D×H)

514×606×273 mm


35 kg


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