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Olympus BX51WI Water Immersion Microscope with Camera and Laptop

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Explore the Olympus BX51WI, a versatile and advanced microscope designed for intricate scientific research. Ideal for neuroscience and live-cell imaging, the BX51WI offers unparalleled clarity and precision. Learn about its water immersion objectives and ergonomic design for enhanced research efficiency.

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The Olympus BX51WI is a specialized microscope designed for advanced research applications, particularly neuroscience. This microscope is part of the Olympus BX series, known for its quality and versatility in various scientific fields.

This Olympus BX51 fluorescence microscope has a trinocular head, 10x eyepieces, and UPLANFL objectives. The microscope includes a 6-position fluorescence turret and mercury power supply. We can configure this with up to 6 fluorescence filters of your choice at an additional cost.

Key features and aspects of the Olympus BX51WI:

  1. Water Immersion Objectives: The “WI” in the model name stands for “Water Immersion,” indicating that this microscope has objectives designed for water use as an immersion medium. This is particularly useful for live-cell imaging.
  2. Advanced Optical System: Like other microscopes in the Olympus BX series, the BX51WI features a high-quality optical system. This ensures clear, sharp images essential for detailed observation and analysis.
  3. Flexibility for Various Applications: The BX51WI is designed to be adaptable for various research applications. It can be used for electrophysiology, in vivo imaging, and other demanding microscopy techniques.
  4. Illumination and Contrast Methods: This model supports a range of illumination and contrast methods, including fluorescence microscopy, which is crucial for studying biological samples that are often transparent and lack contrast.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Considering the long hours researchers spend on microscopes, the BX51WI is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfort during use.
  6. Integration with Digital Imaging: The microscope can be equipped with digital cameras and imaging software, facilitating the capture and analysis of images for research documentation and publication.

The Olympus BX51WI is thus a sophisticated tool for scientific research, particularly in fields requiring detailed, high-resolution imaging of live samples. It reflects Olympus’ commitment to providing advanced imaging solutions for the scientific community.

Designed for Easy Adjustments Around the Condenser

Frame designed for ample space around the condenser, making it easy to adjust Nomarski DIC contrast, exchange filters, adjust the condenser’s aperture stop, and switch between visible light, Nomarski DIC, and IR-DIC.

A Wide Choice of Nosepieces

The swing nosepiece WI-SRE3 has a unique, slim, compact design and front-to-back swing motion to enable objective changes without interfering with electrodes and micromanipulators. Objective positioning incorporates a vibration-free counter spring mechanism. The slide nosepiece U-SLRE is designed to attach one large diameter, low magnification fluorescence objective (XLFLUOR 2x/340 or 4x/340) and one objective with normal (RMS) diameter threads.

Nosepiece motion is a simple horizontal slide. The single-position nosepiece WI-SNPXLU2 is designed to accept the unique, large-diameter XLUMPLFLN20×W objective. The RMS adapter WI-RMSAD enables the attachment of an objective with RMS thread size to the WI-SNPXLU2.

Adjustable for Small Animal Experiments

The arm height raising kit (WI-ARMAD) provides an additional 40 mm of clearance and is mounted between the microscope frame and the reflected light illuminator. Small animal experiments usually do not require transmitted light, allowing the removal of the substage condenser assembly. After removal, the stage may be lowered an additional 50 mm, providing a total clearance increase of 90 mm.

Long Working Distance Objectives

UMPLFLN-W/LUMPLN-W series water-dipping objectives provide a long working distance and 45° access angle, making these objectives well-suited for electrophysiology experiments. They have higher transmittance, from the UV to near-IR range, and are applicable for IR-DIC or fluorescence imaging.

The LUMFLN60XW is a water-dipping objective with a high NA of 1.1, which is suitable for high-resolution fluorescence imaging. Adjusting its correction collar enables imaging of samples with a cover glass.

The XLUMPLFLN20XW is a water-dipping objective with a wide field of view and a high NA. Combining it with the optional intermediate magnification changer unit enables you to perform wide-field-of-view and high-resolution imaging.

XLFLUOR series objectives are high NA macro objectives with a long working distance. They enable fluorescence imaging at the tissue or organism level.

Click here for the details on the LUMPLFLN-W Series.


Head: Trinocular Head
Eyepieces: 10 Eyepieces
Nosepiece 6 Position
Focusing: Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment
Stage: XY Mechanical Stage
Objectives: UPLANFL 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X Oil
Fluorescence: 6 Position Fluorescence Turret

100 W Mercury Lamphouse & Power Supply

Condenser: 1.25 N.A.
Light Source: 100 W Quartz Halogen
Warranty: One Year Mechanical



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