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Leica DMi8 Automated Inverted Microscope

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Discover the precision of the Leica DMi8 Inverted Microscope for your live cell research. Offering unparalleled imaging capabilities, increased viewing areas, and fast acquisition speeds, the Leica DMi8 is the researcher’s choice for advanced microscopy. Elevate your scientific investigations with the DMi8 today.

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The Leica DMi8 Inverted microscope takes you beyond configuration restrictions. With the freedom of a completely modular system, you can create the perfect system for your needs. With the Leica DMi8, you only buy what you need.

If your application would benefit from autofocus or 3D images, you can integrate a motorized focus drive into an otherwise manual system. Or if you need to image in multiple colors, start with a motorized filter wheel and manual focus. With hundreds of possible combinations, you can create the best-customized solution for your work.

“I did a fairly extensive review and demos of the Keyence BZ-X, the Fisher EVOS M7000, the Molecular Devices Pico, the BioTek Lionheart, the Nikon Ti2 Eclipse, and the Leice DMi8. The two best were the Nikon and the Leica, in terms of resolution, capability, and versatility. Both were at least 10x as fast as the Keyence, Lionheart, and Pico. The Leica and EVOS were only two to use CMOS optics. The EVOS was almost as fast (half as fast as the other two, at best) and had the advantage of being extremely affordable. But the resolution was just not as good, and we were looking for top speeds as this was to be a multi-lab purchase (thus the need for capability and versatility as opposed to best overall value). The Leica was cheaper than the Nikon, and I did love the increased speed, extreme modularity, and no need for a darkroom as it has an optional lightbox the blocks out the light.”

  • – Organization: University of Michigan

The Leica DMi8 microscope is a versatile and advanced imaging platform designed for various scientific fields, particularly live cell research. It is a modular, inverted microscope system that is part of the DMi8 S platform solution, providing a complete set of tools for routine to complex live cell experiments. It can track the development of single cells, screen through multiple assays, and achieve single molecule resolution.

The DMi8 is known for its increased viewing area, rapid image acquisition, and precise control, essential for in-depth biological research and analysis. With options for customization and expansion, the DMi8 system can cater to a wide range of microscopy needs, from basic observation to high-end research applications.

The Leica DMi8 Inverted Microscope allows for:

  1. Live Cell Research: It provides a complete solution for tracking the development of cells over time, screening through assays, achieving single molecule resolution, and observing complex cellular processes​1.
  2. Advanced Widefield Research: It can high-speed control and advanced imaging with features like Infinity TIRF and software capabilities that support in-depth live cell imaging studies​1.
  3. Enhanced Viewing: With the ability to increase the viewing area up to 10,000 times, the microscope’s software module, LAS X Navigator, allows researchers to obtain a comprehensive overview of samples and set up high-resolution image acquisition automatically​1.
  4. Speed and Efficiency: Experiments can be conducted up to five times faster due to the LAS X Synapse advanced sequencer, which coordinates system components for rapid imaging and precise control of the system with micro-second precision​1.
  5. Precise Control: It offers the ability to add additional devices for specialized applications and high-speed experiments, allowing for detailed analysis of an organism’s response to stimuli, which is essential in dynamic live cell experiments​1.

Leica DMi8

A fully automated widefield system for fluorescence and brightfield imaging.

The DMi8 is a fully automated widefield system for fluorescence and brightfield imaging. It has a full range of objectives, monochrome and color cameras, and filter sets to enable fluorescence imaging of up to four distinct channels from UV to far red excitation.

DMi8 for advanced widefield research

Starting from the discovery and analysis of single molecules and culminating in breakthroughs in understanding and treating human health, the key to the next scientific discovery lies in finding the missing links connecting your data.

The DMi8 S is a flexible solution for advanced widefield research. The new DMi8 S platform extends the flexibility of the DMi8 microscope, adding high-speed control, Infinity TIRF, plus advanced software capabilities to create the solution for your advanced live cell imaging.

Product Specs

During testing, this Leica DMi8 Microscope was found to have no issues. A clear image was produced through the eyepieces and the camera port. The mechanical and motorized components moved freely, and the test sample could be focused without excessive effort.

The system consists of:

  • Base:
    Leica DMi8 Inverted Microscope
    CTRadvanced Control Box / Power Supply
  • Head:
    Binocular Tube
    (2) HC PLAN s 10x/22 M Eyepieces
  • Condenser / Prisms:
    7-position Motorized S28 0.55 Condenser
  • Brightfield Path:
    Tiltable Transmitted Illumination Arm
  • Fluorescence Light Path:
    Light Guide and Collimating Adapter
  • Fluorescence Filter Cubes:
    6-position Motorized Filter Cube Turret
    Texas red (custom) EX:548/25, DM:620, EM:600/60
    CFP (custom) EX:438/15, DM:458/105, EM:480/30
    GFP (custom) EX:473/35, DM:530, EM:538/45
    *Other filters available – please inquire*
  • Illumination Type:
    TL-LED 12V 15W LED Lamp w/ control/power box
    Lumencor Spectra 7 Light Engine w/ light guide and collimating adapter
    Stage Type:
    Motorized XY Stage
    MCX-2 eco Controller w/ Joystick
  • Objectives:
    6-position Motorized Objective turret
    5x/0.15 HCX PL FLUOTAR (O03795)
    10x/0.32 HC PL FLUOTAR (O03788)
    40x/0.75 HCX PL FLUOTAR (O03749)
    *Other objectives available – please inquire*
  • Photo / Port Splits:
    100% Eyepiece or 100% Camera Port
  • Camera:
    10MP CMOS Camera
  • Motorized Components:
    Condenser, Fluorescence turret, Objective turret, Z-axis, XY stage, Lightpath switching, Shutters
  • Computer and Software:
    Computer running camera software, MicroManager software, and Leica LAS X software

Communication and power cables

  • Configuration and Setup:
    Orientation: Inverted
    Illumination Type: Brightfield, Fluorescence
    Objectives: 5x/0.15 HCX PL FLUOTAR, 10x/0.32 HC PL FLUOTAR, 40x/0.75 HCX PL FLUOTAR
    Light Sources: 12V LED Lamp, Lumencor Spectra 7
    Stage: Motorized XY



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