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ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System

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Discover the advanced capabilities of the ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System. Learn how this compact, all-in-one solution provides high-resolution imaging, versatile analysis modes, and user-friendly software, revolutionizing cellular imaging and analysis in general biology labs.

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The ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is a highly versatile and advanced cellular imaging and analysis tool. The ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is more than a digital microscope, combining high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis.

Whether running fluorescence imaging or brightfield assays, the automated imager features a comprehensive portfolio of preconfigured protocols for cell-based assays to shorten the learning curve so you can start running experiments quickly.

The major plus point for our lab of the Pico is its ease of use for non-imaging specialists: the CRX software is pretty intuitive and the ability to analyze data remotely is good. Indeed, the majority of our lab has no imaging experience and can use it competently. Additional plus points for us are its footprint compared to other imaging systems and its affordability. As with all imaging systems, appropriate IT systems are needed to handle the large amounts of data generated. Imaging is comparable to other systems.

: University of Leeds

With features such as Digital Confocal* 2D on-the-fly deconvolution, Autofocus, Live Preview, multi-wavelength cell scoring, and optional IN Carta® Image Analysis Software workflow, the ImageXpress Pico offers you the ability to advance your discoveries in a small, affordable imager.

Here are some key aspects of ImageXpress Pico

  1. Advanced Imaging Modes: The ImageXpress Pico system supports a range of imaging modes, including colorimetric, brightfield, fluorescence, and Digital Confocal 2D on-the-fly deconvolution. This variety allows for a wide range of cellular imaging applications.
  2. High-Resolution and Potent Analytic Capabilities: It offers high-resolution imaging, essential for detailed cellular analysis. The powerful analytic capabilities of the system allow for more than just capturing images; it can perform complex analysis tasks.
  3. Preconfigured Analysis Protocols: The system comes with over 25 preconfigured analysis protocols. These protocols range from simple cell counting to more sophisticated analyses like neurite tracing, making it suitable for diverse research needs.
  4. User-Friendly and Efficient: The ImageXpress Pico is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive software that simplifies the process of quickly going from sample to actionable results. This efficiency is crucial in a lab setting where time and accuracy are paramount.
  5. Compact and All-in-One Solution: It is described as a compact, all-in-one system. This compactness makes it suitable for labs with limited space, while its all-in-one nature implies that it can handle a range of tasks without additional equipment.
  6. Suitable for General Biology Labs: The system is tailored to meet the needs of general biology labs. It combines imaging and analysis in an easy and automated way, making it accessible even to labs that might not specialize in cellular imaging.

Other features

  • Hardware autofocus, additional image-based Autofocus available
  • Z-stack acquisition with output as maximum intensity projections or best focus slice (individual z-slice export not possible)
  • Adapters for well plates (6-384 wells), 1-4 microscope slides, and live imaging chamber for well plates
  • Temperature control up to 40 °C
  • Active humidity control, sample chamber up to 85% humidity
  • CO2 control from ambient to 15%

CellReporterXpress software for ImageXpress Pico

Easy-to-learn software optimized for automated digital microscopy

A simple, easy-to-learn interface for performing quantitative analysis on images acquired from automated microscopy with features such as Digital Confocal 2D real-time deconvolution, Autofocus, and Live Preview for the advanced region of interest identification.

The software enables the distributed analysis of images for increased throughput and is ideal for scaling your digital microscopy imaging with slides or microplates. An icon-driven, linear workflow with a range of predefined protocols provides a streamlined user experience.

Learn more

IN Carta Image Analysis Software

Modern machine learning, high-content image analysis software

Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive user interface simplify workflows for image analysis and phenotypic profiling. Advanced features provide the functionality to analyze data in 2D, 3D, and 4D – at scale – and deliver real-time insights without the need for complex pre- or post-processing operations. Improve the specificity of your image analysis workflows by utilizing the SINAP deep-learning module and see that Segmentation Is Not A Problem.

Put machine learning to work for you and perform complex phenotypic analysis within a user-friendly Phenoglyphs module.

Learn More

Technical Details:

  • Objectives:
    6 position automated turret with Leica Fluotar air objectives: 4X/0.13, 10X/0.32, 20X/0.4, 40X/0.6 or 63X/0.7
  • Camera:
    Sony CMOS 5 Mpix.
  • Channels:
    DAPI, CFP, TRITC, Texas Red, Cy5, Brightfield and RGB.
  • Labware:
    6- to 384-well plates and 25 mm x 75 mm (1 in. x 3 in.) slides, 35 mm culture dishes.
  • Environmental control:
    Temp: 8ºC – 40ºC (37ºC +/- 0.5 at 23ºC ambient).
    CO2: ambient – 15%.
    O2: 1-15% and ambient.
    Humidity: 85%.


  • ImageXpress Pico Advanced Bundle, FITC DAPI TRITC Cy5 (Filter Cubes)
  • FLUOTAR 4x/NA 0.13
  • FLUOTAR 10x/NA 0.32
  • FLUOTAR 20x/NA 0.40 and FLUOTAR 40x/NA 0.60 Objectives
  • CellReporterXpress Advanced Analysis Algorithm Bundle includes a software license for the Granularity Analysis Algorithm, the Neurite Tracing Algorithm, and the Translocation Algorithm. With this license, the full complement of CRX analysis algorithms is available.
  • The system includes 1-year MDCares  Ph.D. Technical Support Plan and 1-year warranty covering parts and labor.

In conclusion, the ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is an excellent choice for laboratories due to its versatility, high-resolution imaging capabilities, range of preconfigured protocols, user-friendliness, compact design, and suitability for general biology labs. These features make it a valuable tool for various biological research and analysis applications.


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