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Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry Analyzer


Beckman Coulter AU480 was suitable as an additional analyzer for specific or urgent tests in large laboratories and has retained many of the features of its predecessor, like durable quartz cuvettes and electrodes, low maintenance, and high-quality SPOT photometry technology.

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Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry Analyzer is the ideal primary analyzer for mid-range labs due to its throughput of 400 actual b/h tests/hour (up to 800 including electrolytes) and reagent rotor capacity to run 63 methods simultaneously. The AU480 is also suitable as an additional analyzer for specific or urgent tests in large laboratories.
The Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry Analyzer retains many of the features of its predecessor, the AU400, that made it famous worldwide: durable quartz cuvettes and electrodes, low maintenance, and high-quality SPOT photometry technology. The analyzer biochemical Beckman Coulter AU480 opens up new possibilities for the efficient operation of your laboratory.
With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an onboard capacity of 63 different analytes, the AU480 Chemistry System is the ideal central analyzer for small to medium-sized laboratories. The AU480 Chemistry System can also fit as unique chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories.
The AU480 chemistry analyzer is the ideal central analyzer for small- to medium-sized laboratories/Hospitals, with a throughput of up to 800 tests per hour with ISE and concurrent programming for up to 63 different analytes. The Olympus AU 480 chemistry analyzer can be used as unique chemistry or STAT analyzer in any laboratory.

The AU480 Chemistry System has a new intuitive Graphic user interface, standardized to the AU680, minimizing training requirements. A new ergonomically designed swing arm with a user-friendly touch screen monitor is now available. User definable software options such as auto rerun via rack handler / STAT wheel and accurate reflex testing expand the convenience for the user.

Automated low-level maintenance requires minimal hands-on time by the operator. TheAU480 Chemistry System uses dry bath technology, requiring no water bath maintenance. Low consumable replacements include permanent cuvettes, long-life electrodes (guaranteed for six months), robust samples, and reagent probes.

The AU480 Chemistry System combines versatile advanced functions that facilitate high-quality testing, improve turnaround time, and cut operating costs. To minimize training requirements and assure safe handling by inexperienced staff, we emphasized ‘Easy to Use’ in developing the analyzer.

TheAU480 Chemistry System will continue to live up to the Beckman Coulter reputation of being the analyzer that is ‘reliable and precise.

Beckman Coulter AU480 Advantages

  • More uptime and valuable work, less maintenance. Uptime is always included by laboratories as one of the most essential characteristics of an analyzer since laboratory efficiency depends on a system that is constantly working;
  • Reliability. The AU Series is the benchmark for reliability in chemistry analyzers and requires the fewest unscheduled engineer visits. You will spend less money on maintenance and repairs, and your employees will spend less time-solving problems and more time caring for the patient;
  • Fast delivery of results (TAT). Urgent STAT analysis for the most speed-sensitive tests;
  • Standardization. Reduce variation between technologies and achieve consistent quality results by standardizing processes across the entire AU analyzer family. A single test menu for all AU Series analyzers, uniform analysis processes, and reference intervals minimizes the need for additional training and simplifies the warehouse. You will reduce labor costs, and the results will be fully comparable regardless of which AU analyzer they were obtained on;
  • The economy of consumables. ISE module electrodes (best-in-class electrodes with guaranteed stability of 40,000 samples or six months of operation). Reusable cuvettes (high-quality, durable glass cuvettes ensure optical system accuracy and reduce consumables and disposal costs). Reagents (Reagent kits come in various packaging, reducing daily reagent inventory tasks and labor costs. Concentrated reagents in compact packs allow you to make many tests from a kit and save refrigerator space). World-class Six Sigma Tests (Using Six Sigma test systems delivers reliable results and allows you to optimize your quality control strategy, resulting in cost savings,

Beckman Coulter AU480 Features

Improved convenience

  • New and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Embedded maintenance videos
  • Universal applications
  • Plug and play calibration via 2-D barcode


  • Reagent reduction
  • Low consumable usage
  • Microsampling is ideal for pediatrics

Continuous loading sample feeder

  • Positive sample identification
  • Beckman Coulter flexible racks to handle all commonly used tube sizes in parallel
  • Barcoded racks to define different sample materials
  • 80 samples on board at any time
  • Automatic repeat and reflex capability

Flexible STAT rotor

  • Dedicated STAT rotor with 22 positions and integrated barcode reader
  • Full STAT capabilities during routine operation
  • Refrigerated area for calibrators and controls
  • Combined routine and emergency work area

Large reagent compartment

  • 76 refrigerated reagent compartments
  • Ready to use liquid stable reagents
  • Automatic bottle switch capabilities
  • Advanced calibration
  • Liquid detection and remaining test number calculation

Cuvette wheel with low maintenance

  • Non disposable quartz cuvettes
  • Software-driven carry over elimination
  • Dry incubation bath
  • Environmental friendly

Best in class ISE

  • High-quality ISE for Na, K, and Cl
  • 6 months shelf life
  • 18 months shelf life for reference electrodes
  • 600 tests/hour (if ISE mode only)
  • Same technology across the whole range of analyzers

Specifications Beckman Coulter AU480

  • Analytical system: Fully automated for routine, urgent tests and homogeneous immunoassay
  • Analytical principle: Spectrophotometry and potentiometry
  • Reaction types: Endpoint, kinetics, fixed point, indirect ISE analysis
  • Analytical methods: Colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, homogeneous immunoassay, indirect ISE analysis
  • Number of simultaneous tests: 60 photometric tests + 3 ISE
  • Productivity: 400 photometric tests per hour. General – with ISE analysis – 800 tests per hour
  • ISE capacity: 200 samples per hour. Maximum 600 tests per hour using ISE only
  • Sample types: Serum, plasma, urine, or other sample type
  • Sample loader: Racks for 10 test tubes (read the barcode from the test tubes and the rack). Loading volume – 80 samples. Additional loading of samples during operation
  • Tubes: Primary and secondary tubes. Diameter from 11.5 to 16.5 mm, height from 55 to 102 mm; microtubes with adapters
  • Urgent samples: 22 positions in the cooled urgent sample rotor. An easy way to assign out-of-order tests. Auto-repeat function
  • Sample volume: 1-25 µl in 0.1 µl increments (1-25 µl for repeat tests)
  • Reagent rotor: 76 positions for R1+R2 and detergent. Works with 15, 30, and 60 ml vials
  • Storage of reagents: Refrigerator 4 °C – 12 °C
  • Volume of reagents: 1st reagent: 15 – 250 µl; 2nd reagent: 15 – 250 µl (1 µl step)
  • Total reaction volume: 90-350 µl
  • Reaction cuvettes: Durable quartz cuvettes
  • Response time: Up to 8 min, 37.5 sec
  • Reaction incubation: 37 °C, dry thermostat
  • Photometer: Direct photometry (0 – 3.0 OD) mono- and bichromatic measurements
  • Wavelengths: 13 different wavelengths in the range of 340 – 800 nm
  • Calibration: Auto-calibration, cooled positions for calibrators. Calibration curve parameters are set using a two-dimensional barcode
  • Quality control: Automatic QC, refrigerated positions for controls
  • Repeat tests:
  • 1. Automatic and manual modes
  • 2. Auto-dilution, auto-condensation, and repeat without changing sample volume
  • 3. Reflex testing
  • Sample Predilution: Fixed 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 76x or 100x dilution
  • Test item entry: Individual tests and test profiles via touch screen, keyboard, and mouse
  • Sample quality: Detection of lipemia, icterus and hemolysis, clot detection, and collision avoidance of manipulators
  • Communication with LIS: RS232. One- or two-way interface
  • Software: Windows XP
  • Data storage: Number of samples: 100,000 Reaction data: 200,000 tests
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm): Analyzer: 1.450 x 1.205 x 760
  • Power supply: 100-240V; 60 Hz/ < 3.5 kVA


  • Computer with Monitor
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Quick Response Guide
  • Beckman Coulter AU480 Accessories and Consumables:
  1. MU826200 – Partition Plate for 30mL Bottle (pkg of 20)
  2. MU811800 – Adapter A for STAT 11.5-14mm (pkg of 22)
  3. MU823200 – Partition for 15mL Bottle (pkg of 20)
  4. B97644 – ISE Tubing 4
  5. MU811900 – Adapter B for STAT, 13.5-16mm (pkg of 22)
  6. MU809200 – White Rack NE (pkg of 10)
  7. MU853200 – Sample Cup 2.5mL (pkg of 100)
  8. MU709700 – NE Rack Orange
  9. MU809600 – NE Rack Yellow
  10. MU809500 – NE Rack Red
  11. MU809400 – NE Rack Green
  12. MU809300 – NE Rack Blue
  13. MU988800 – Photometer Lamp 12V , 20W (1ea.)
  14. MU995800 – Reagent Probe
  15. MU993400 – Sample Probe
  16. C12434 – Rack I.D. Label
  17. Revision to the AU480Laser Specifications Booklet
  18. Important Product Notification Booklet

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