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Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System by Agilent Technologies

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Elevate Your Chromatographic Analyses with the Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System: High-Precision Pumping, Versatile Detectors, and User-Friendly Software for Analytical Excellence.

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The Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System is a beacon of precision and versatility in liquid chromatography. Esteemed by researchers, scientists, and analysts worldwide, this cutting-edge instrument empowers laboratories to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in separating and analyzing complex mixtures.

The 1260 Infinity II LC offers the widest choice of analytical HPLC and UHPLC modules. Reliable instrumentation combines the latest column technologies and advanced supplies to guarantee robust separation and detection performance.

“Overall the 1260 Infinity II LC system is a very robust system. It provides very reproducible results. The system is easy to learn has a nice interface that is easy to learn and use. One recommendation I have for Agilent would be to have a smart system that can flush itself with solvent if an error occurs instead of letting the mobile phase which may have water sit in the system (e.g. missing vial). The after-sales care is good, they are easy to reach by phone and almost always are able to solve problems over the phone. Overall I am very satisfied with this instrument.”

  • : Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (UCLM)

Easy column handling and superior sample logistics, from sample submission to data analysis, ensure fast turnaround times and the highest instrument utilization. Seamless method transfer and stepwise upgrade paths facilitate risk-free integration in current infrastructure for a non-disruptive transition to the highest performance within the confines of your budget.

Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System Key features

  • Compatible with conventional and ultrahigh performance LC with an operating pressure of up to 600 bar, the 1260 Infinity II Quaternary Pump and the 1260 Infinity Binary Pump perfectly match our Poroshell 120 columns.
  • Analytical and semi-preparative purifications – the wide flow range of the 1260 Infinity II Quaternary Pump (up to 10 mL/min) perfectly supports standard and semi-preparative applications.
  • Fast and precise gradients – the 1260 Infinity II Binary Pump is the perfect choice for fast and precise gradients using LC/MS and UV-only systems.
  • Ultralow carryover – the multiwash capability of the 1260 Infinity II Multisampler cleans all relevant injection parts between runs. This sophisticated, integrated feature flushes the injection needle outside with three solvents and uses seat backflush procedures to reduce carryover to less than 10 ppm.
  • Reduced cycle times – with Agilent’s unique dual-needle design, which allows you to run samples alternately through one or the other injection path. Cycle times can be reduced to mere seconds, eliminating conventional wait times for large-volume loadings or flushing procedures.
  • Efficient sample handling and logistics – using shallow, well-plate drawers, the 1260 Infinity II Multisampler takes a maximum load of 16 microtiter plates and up to 6,144 samples – the most of any single system.
  • Efficient column handling and temperature control – the 1260 Infinity II Multicolumn Thermostat holds up to four columns with direct access to each column through a Quick-Change switching valve, delivering flexibility and eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect columns.
  • Fast and easy connections – with InfinityLab Quick-Connect fittings to save time and trouble.
  • Higher quality data – the 1260 Infinity II Diode Array Detector HS delivers lower detection limits and higher data quality for more confidence.
  • Efficient control, acquisition, and reporting – Agilent’s Instrument Control Framework (ICF) enables smooth control of Agilent LC instrumentation through third-party chromatography data systems.

How It Works

Easy method transfer from an Agilent 1100 Series to the 1260 Infinity II LC

Facilitating instrument-to-instrument method transfer is essential, as method development and validation of HPLC analyses can be time-consuming. See how to seamlessly transfer a method initially developed on an 1100 Series HPLC to an Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System.

Achieve equivalent results, retention times, and resolution on the new HPLC system or save time and solvent by transferring to a UHPLC method. See how in this application note.

1260 Infinity II LC System – flexible HPLC system

The Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System is part of the Agilent InfinityLab family, and every component is designed to work together. Secondary detectors can supplement or replace the standard diode array detector to detect your analytes.

You can also connect modules from another Agilent HPLC series to achieve your desired analysis by HPLC. The Flex Bench system enables easy module exchanges and offers an ergonomic option to stack MS systems with the HPLC system. Learn more about the flexible InfinityLab family in this brochure.

Achieve operational efficiency with routine analysis by HPLC.

The Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC System has a broad range of capabilities to meet fast turnaround cycles, robust separations, and high-detection performance. Read about the latest technologies and detailed performance characteristics for this HPLC system in this technical overview. See how the 1260 Infinity II LC System can assist with your analysis by HPLC.


Column Capacity
  • 4
Column ID Reader Option
  • Optional
  • 468 mm
Flow Range
  • 0.05 to 5 mL/min with G7112B
  • 0.2 to 10 mL/min with G7110B, G7111A, G7111B
Injection Range
  • 0.1-100 µL
  • 0.1-900 µL with Extended Injection Range Option
  • 0.1 to 1800 µL with Multi Draw Kit
Intelligent System Emulation Technology
  • No
Line Voltage
  • 100-240 VAC
Maximum Number of Solvents
  • 4
  • up to 15 with additional Solvent Selection Valve
Maximum Number of Temperature Zones
  • 2 with G7116A/B
  • 1 with Vial Sampler with Integrated Column Compartment
Pump Type
  • Isocratic
  • Binary
  • Quaternary
  • Gradient
System Pressure Operating Range
  • up to 600 bar
  • 435 mm



Here is what was listed on our purchase order; we intend to include all you see here. However, this unit was set up in a lab ready to use in a holding position until this point, and we’ve decided to liquidate the lab.


  • Agilent Certified Pre-owned 1260 Infinity II Diode Array Detector HS. For ultra sensitivity, multi-wavelength and spectral
  • analysis.Data rates up to 120 Hz. Includes 10 mm cartridge max-light cell.
  • With the following configuration:
  • Manual DVD for 1220/1260/1290 : DVD included
  • Ship-to Country : USA
  • Installation (44K)
  • Familiarization at Installation (44L)


  • OpenLab CDS Workstation Software.
  • Includes software, 2 Instrument
  • Connection Licenses, 1 year Software
  • Maintenance Agreement, and phone
  • support.
  • With the following configuration:
  • Ship-to Country : USA
  • LC Instrument Connection
  • 3D UV/DAD Connection
  • Installation (44K)
  • Familiarization at Installation (44L)
  • 1 Year SW Update/Phone Assist (44W)


  • Cannabis Potency Solution
  • Required Consumables + Onsite Consulting


  • 1260 Infinity II Quaternary Pump, maximum pressure 600bar. Includes quaternary pump with integrated 4-channel degassing
  • unit, column, connecting capillaries, solvent cabinet, solvent bottles and CAN cable.
  • With the following configuration:
  • Manual DVD for 1220/1260/1290 : DVD included
  • Add Tool Kit (001) : Tool Kit included
  • Max uptime kit sel (007) : Max uptime kit selected
  • Active Inlet Valve (032) : active Inlet Valve selected
  • Select bundled column : Poroshell 120 EC-C18 4.6x100mm
  • HPLC System Tool Kit 1260 Infinity II
  • Max Uptime Kit
  • Active Seal Wash
  • Active Inlet Valve (AIV)
  • Poroshell 120 EC-C18 4.6x100mm, 2.7μm
  • Installation (44K)
  • Familiarization at Installation (44L)


  • Drawer kit selection : Standard drawer (6×11 vials)
  • Type of SW license : OpenLab CDS 2 System Driver
  • Integrated Column Compartment : Integr. Col Compartment 3.0 uL
  • Add thermostat (101) : InfLab sample thermostat incl.
  • Ship-to Country : USA
  • Standard drawer (6×11 vials)
  • ICC Column heater 3 uL volume
  • Agilent InfinityLab Sample Thermostat
  • Installation (44K)
  • Familiarization at Installation (44L)
Selling as is unused new refurbished by Agilent purchased directly from them, not used even once by us due to Covid.


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