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Covidien Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform Generator


Looking for reliable and efficient Valleylab FT10 electrosurgical generators for your medical practice or research lab? Our company offers a range of top-quality generators designed to meet your specific needs, with the ability to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. Our Valleylab FT10 generators provide precise and controlled tissue cutting and coagulation, enabling you to perform safe and efficient procedures with confidence. Browse our selection today and take the next step in advancing your research or clinical practice with the Valleylab FT10.

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Valleylab FT10 energy platform delivers precise amounts of energy with improved performance for faster sealing and cutting times. The Built-in smart TissueFect, on the Covidien FT10, is a tissue sensing technology that improves the speed and consistency of current hand-held devices by reading tissue composition in real-time.

TissueFect, on the Covidien FT 10, examines device performance 434,000 times per second, monitoring tissue impedance and allowing effective and efficient energy delivery. It provides RF energy for monopolar and bipolar surgical applications and tissue-fusion and vessel-sealing applications.

The Touchscreen is divided into four sections for user input and viewing capabilities. This Energy Platform (VLFT10GEN) will automatically detect coded handsets and configures the energy platform accordingly.

Valleylab FT10 Features:

  • 7-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Up to 50% faster sealing times
  • Autobipolar has a faster activation time
  • Improved monopolar performance
  • Used for monopolar and bipolar applications
  • Smart TissueFect tissue sensing technology reads tissue composition in real time

Speeds up LigaSure

When used with a LigaSure vessel-sealing device, the Valleylab FT10 boosts the sealing speed by as much as 50%. LigaSure has a 2-4 second sealing time when used with the ForceTriad energy platform, which means it will go down to a 1-2 second sealing time with the FT10. With LigaSure’s ability to reduce blood loss and patient length of stay compared to sutures, pairing it with FT10 takes the efficiency of your surgical team and clinical safety to an even higher level.

Choice of modes

Along with cut and coag, the FT10 energy platform also features three new, unique modes that give you more options for performing electrosurgeries. First is soft coagulation mode, which desiccates tissue slower than fulguration, with deeper thermal penetration.

Second is the Valleylab mode which provides a unique combination of monopolar hemostasis and division, resulting in a reduced thermal spread and smoother passage through tissue than the traditional coagulation mode. The third new mode is the Shared Coagulation mode which allows two surgeons to work on one patient simultaneously while using a single energy platform.

The Valleylab FT10 Power Platform powers our entire portfolio of power-based devices and makes them better than ever.

Improving the performance of all of our devices with faster cutting and sealing times – for example, LigaSure™ vessel sealing is up to 50% faster – the Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform delivers precise amounts of energy where and when it is most needed. Needs to.

The best-advanced power and electrosurgery devices in the Valleylab power portfolio are powered by smart generators that manage power delivery with algorithms that enable precision. Technological progress created with the Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform enhances all surgical applications for the entire portfolio.

New Units will have a 1-year warranty, and we can usually source within a few days. Axonia Medical  has contacts worldwide, enabling us to select the best deal and keep our customers’ prices down. We modify the software on request to allow for multiple uses of handpieces (essential for Vets!)


  • FT10 Generator
  • Power Cord
  • Adaptor – For using all Covidien instruments Multiple Times.
  • Covidien VLFTCRT Universal Generator Cart for Valleylab FT10 Energy
  • Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform Generator; (REF VLFT10GEN)
  • Valleylab Bipolar Standard Footswitch; (REF E6009)
  • Valleylab GEM Switch; (REF GEM-V2)
  • Valleylab Footswitch; (REF E6008)
  • Hospital Power Supply

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