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Covidien ValleyLab ForceTriad Electrosurgical Unit


Explore the cutting-edge features of the Covidien Valleylab ForceTriad, a versatile electrosurgical platform combining monopolar, bipolar, and LigaSure™ technologies for enhanced surgical procedures.

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Covidien Valleylab ForceTriad is an electrosurgical platform for operating rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, and procedural facilities. This device offers cutting-edge technology and features to meet the demands of modern electrosurgery.

The Covidien Valleylab ForceTriad is an electrosurgical unit (ESU) designed for a wide range of surgical applications. Electrosurgical units use electrical energy to cut, coagulate, and modify biological tissue during surgical procedures.

Valleylab ForceTriad Features:


  • Multi-Modality Platform: The unit is capable of delivering monopolar, bipolar, and LigaSure™ technologies. In a research context, this allows for the study of various surgical techniques and outcomes using a single device.

LigaSure™ Technology

  • Tissue Fusion: LigaSure™ is a proprietary technology that uses a combination of pressure and electrical energy to create a hemostatic seal on vessels and tissue bundles. Clinical trials and studies have shown LigaSure™ to be effective in reducing blood loss in various surgical procedures.

Touchscreen Interface

  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI): The ForceTriad uses a touchscreen interface designed to provide easy access to all its functionalities. Research on HMI designs in medical devices suggests that intuitive interfaces can reduce the risk of user error, thereby increasing patient safety.

Safety Features

  • Return Electrode Monitoring (REM): This safety feature minimizes the risk of burns by monitoring the quality of the electrical circuit between the patient and the device. The importance of such safety mechanisms has been emphasized in various research papers focusing on medical device safety.


  • Compatibility: The system is designed to work with a range of accessories and instruments. This feature can be crucial in comparative studies that look to standardize equipment and settings across multiple surgical teams or facilities.

Software Updates

  • Valleylab™ Exchange Software Update System: This feature allows the unit to be updated with the latest software, ensuring that it remains in line with the most current clinical guidelines and research findings.

Research Implications

  • Clinical Trials: The versatility and range of features in the ForceTriad make it an ideal candidate for clinical trials looking to explore new surgical techniques or to compare existing ones.
  • Safety Studies: Given the device’s built-in safety features like REM, it offers an excellent platform for research into the efficacy of such technologies in reducing intraoperative complications.
  • Human Factors Engineering: Research can be done on the effectiveness of the device’s human-machine interface in reducing the incidence of user error and improving overall patient outcomes.

The Covidien ValleyLab Force Triad Electrosurgical Unit is available Completely Refurbished by Venture Medical. The Valleylab Force Triad is revolutionary, as it provides a single energy system for both electrosurgical procedures and vessel sealing. The unit gives the surgeon precisely controlled energy and improved tissue effect. With monopolar, bipolar, and vessel sealing, the Force Triad is an all-in-one unit for your operating room.


  • Monopolar switch
  • Bipolar Switch
  • Ligasure switch
  • Covidien Trolley
  • Rolling Cart
  • Footswitch
  • Accessories / Attachments



Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Activation Tone

Alarm Tone

Volume and Frequency

REM Alarm Activation

Acceptable Resistance Range

REM Contact Quality Monitor


Duty Cycle

Low Frequency (50/60 Hz) Leakage Current

Input Power

100-120 Volt

220-240 Volt

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