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Shimadzu IRSpirit ourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometer

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Explore the Shimadzu IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer – Your Gateway to Precision Spectroscopy—High-Resolution Infrared Analysis for Research Excellence.

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Shimadzu IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer is a cutting-edge instrument that revolutionizes chemical analysis in research and laboratory settings. This sophisticated device empowers scientists and researchers with the ability to perform high-precision spectroscopic analysis, enabling them to unravel the mysteries of molecular structures and chemical compositions with unprecedented accuracy.

“This FTIR is a great size for full benchtops. While its footprint is small, the sample compartment is full-sized for accessories. It can be oriented in a wide or deep fashion to help with space. The laser and light source come with multi-year manufacturer warranties. IRPilot is a software overlay that has prebuilt workflows to ease operation of students or technicians.”

  •  Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

The IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer is an indispensable tool for scientists and researchers who demand the highest precision and versatility in their analytical work. Its advanced spectroscopic capabilities, user-friendly design, and compact footprint empower researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries and advancements across various scientific disciplines.

Shimadzu IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer Key Features:

  1. Infrared Spectroscopy Excellence: The IRSpirit delivers exceptional performance in infrared spectroscopy, allowing researchers to study the vibrational modes of molecules. It covers a broad spectral range, making it suitable for various applications.
  2. High-Resolution Data: With its high-resolution capabilities, the spectrophotometer provides detailed spectral data, enabling scientists to identify and quantify even the subtlest chemical changes in their samples.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The instrument features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to seasoned researchers and newcomers. Its ease of use allows scientists to focus on their experiments rather than complex instrument operations.
  4. Versatile Sampling Options: The IRSpirit offers various sampling techniques, including transmission, attenuated total reflection (ATR), and diffuse reflection, ensuring compatibility with diverse sample types and forms.
  5. Rapid Data Acquisition: Rapid scan capabilities enable quick data acquisition, saving valuable time in the research process without compromising data quality.
  6. Compact Design: Its compact footprint makes it suitable for laboratories with limited space while maintaining robust analytical capabilities.


  1. Precision Analysis: The IRSpirit FTIR Spectrophotometer provides accurate and reproducible results, enabling researchers to make confident decisions based on their findings.
  2. Broad Application Range: Its versatility suits various research fields, including chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and materials science.
  3. Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface and automated features simplify operation, reducing the learning curve for new users and streamlining laboratory workflows.
  4. Time Efficiency: Rapid data acquisition accelerates research processes, allowing scientists to explore more hypotheses and conduct experiments more efficiently.
  5. Scientific Advancement: Researchers can use the IRSpirit to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, uncovering new insights and contributing to breakthroughs in their respective fields.

Space-Efficient with High Expandability

Even Fits in Small Spaces

There is a growing need for systems that can fit in tight spaces, such as lining up a row of units used for student experiments or enabling measurements in an environment with many different samples and experimental tools laid out for chemical synthesis. For sites with only a narrow space available, samples can also be measured with the unit positioned vertically (see diagram below).

The start switch is accessible, and the humidity indicator is visible from both directions. The prism and FTIR main unit are the same in height. Therefore, samples can be placed directly on the ATR attachment, which is integrated with the sample compartment. That can eliminate the trouble of having to cut large samples.

Large Sample Compartment in a Small Body

Despite a body size smaller than a piece of A3 paper (297 x 420 mm), the sample compartment width is the same as on higher-end models. This makes it compatible with many Shimadzu and 3rd party accessories, allowing it to be used for various applications.

Dedicated IR Pilot Program Ensures Immediate and Easy System Operation

IR Pilot

IR Pilot offers 23 application programs as standard, making it easy for operators with minimal FTIR experience to analyze samples by selecting the analysis purpose and accessory. There is no need to set parameters. It enables the measurement of multiple samples with only one click.

Identification Test Program

This program makes pass/fail judgments for test samples based on verification methods described in Pharmacopoeia and standards specified in each country, such as “Infrared Spectrophotometry” in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and Japan’s Specifications and Standards for Food Additives. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical and food product identification tests, the program can also be used for acceptance and pre-shipment inspections.The program calculates the difference between peak wavenumbers from standard and test samples and the difference between the peak intensity ratios and then prints a report of pass/fail judgment results. It includes spectra for the 57 substances specified in Japan’s Specifications and Standards for Food Additives.


The Shimadzu IRSpirit comes with an IR Pilot analysis assistant program, an identification test program, and a contaminant analysis program. IR Pilot is a package of 23 applications that allows analysts to measure samples or print results.

The IR Pilot program allows operators to obtain results quickly by selecting the accessory and sample form. The identification test program can analyze samples, complete acceptance inspections, and make pre-shipment inspections. The contaminant analysis program identifies contaminates using Shimadzu’s identification algorithm in combination with spectral libraries.

The instrument includes a sealed interferometer that protects the beam splitter from air and moisture. It also houses electrical humidity and paper-based indicators, which work in tandem with LabSolutions IR software to help users monitor the status of IRSpirit in high-humidity environments. It also has a self-diagnostics function for instrument management.

LabSolutions IR software offers intuitive operation, administrative functions, data management, and various data manipulation functions. In addition, an “Easy Macro” program allows users to create macros for routine tasks.


  • Shimadzu IRSpirit
  • Installation Shimadzu of FTIR system
  • Training Shimadzu half day by Shimadzu product specialist


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