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Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex Real-Time PCR Machine


Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex is a thermal cycling system for real-time high-precision polymerase chain reaction (PCR), end-point PCR, and high-resolution melt analysis (HRM)

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Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex Platform is an open system, allowing installation and compatibility with a wide variety of reagents. The real-time PCR device “Rotor-Gene Q” uses an epoch-making “centrifugal air control method” to achieve a temperature variation of ± 0.02 ° C between samples. This high-temperature resolution is also suitable for experiments such as HRM (High-Resolution Melt) analysis and mutation analysis.

Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex is a thermal cycling system for real-time high-precision polymerase chain reaction (PCR), end-point PCR, and high-resolution melt analysis (HRM)

Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex PCR Machine

PCR or polymerase chain reaction machines are generally used to derive millions of copies of a small segment of DNA. As in, these machines help in amplifying DNA for a detailed analysis. There are numerous machines based on the modifications they underwent. Several manufacturers came up with different innovations to these designs and launched their PCR equipment. 

Rotor-Gene Q 6plex is a PCR machine from Qiagen which combines various optimized design features to deliver exceptional performance and reliable results. Its streamlined analysis help in different studies and researches in the present day. Here is a gist of this PCR machine from Qiagen. 


  • Size – 14.6 x 16.5 x 10.8 inches (approx.) 
  • Weight – 31 lbs. 
  • Temperature Range – ambient to 99 degrees 
  • Excitation – high power LEDs 
  • Channels – 6 

Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex Features and Benefits: 

Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex provides a multi-directional functionality and helps in different kinds of studies. The following are some features of this PCR machine and the advantages of using it. 

1. Unique designing: 

This PCR machine from Qiagen comes with a unique centrifugal rotatory design which improves its versatility and precision. This design helps keep all the samples at the same temperature during rapid thermal cycling. Moreover, this machine provides a thermal and optical uniformity leading to sensitive and precise PCR measurements. 

2. Wide optical range: 

This Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex machine meets almost every optical assay requirement like hydrolysis and hybridization probes, intercalating dyes, or multiplex chemistries. It allows spanning between UV and infrared wavelengths of its 6 channels and provides a broader optical range. Also, its unique software allows the users to create new excitation and detection combinations, making it future-ready. 

3. Multiple PCR Formats: 

This PCR machine provides multiple PCR tube formats to suit a wide range of needs. These are paired with accelerated setup and higher throughput to deliver phenomenal results. Apart from the 96-well plate equivalent, this PCR machine also has additional reference wells to cater to more reactions and extra controls. 

4. High-Performance HRM analysis: 

The high-resolution melting analysis is a post-PCR closed-tube analysis. This machine comes with a specially tuned high-intensity optical HRM channel, a thermal resolution of 0.02 degrees, excellent High data acquisition rates, and comprehensive HRM software. These decipher the HRM applications like Quantitative methylation analysis, genotyping and scanning, sequence matching, etc. 

5. Easy-to-use Software: 

This PCR machine has a comprehensive software package that supports almost every state-of-the-art real-time analysis method from basic to advanced algorithms. This software provides an unlimited user license, raw data exportation for validation purposes, numerous result reports and export functions, and a digital signature for every result life. 

Apart from these, the Rotor-Gene Q 6Plex machine provides a wide range of advantages and aid in numerous applications. Its maintenance is relatively low, and the machine is extremely convenient for every operator. Its reliable support, easy routine verification, and various other features aid in convenient usage of the machine. This PCR machine comes along with its customized software, 1-year warranty, and different accessories. 

The software enables quantification and enhances data security. The comprehensive Rotor-Gene Q software package supports all current state-of-the-art real-time analysis procedures from basic to advanced algorithms (Table 2). This provides complete freedom to analyze your valuable experimental data and increases the reliability of your results. Data security is assured, and all process steps are trackable, from starting the run to exporting the results.

The easy-to-use software provides:

  • Unlimited user licenses and individual user management
  • A digital signature for every resulting file
  • Audit trails to track changes made to experiment files
  • Various result reports and export functions
  • Raw data export for validation purposes


  • Identification of pathogens of infectious diseases, simultaneous determination of several pathogens in one sample;
  • Genotyping of microorganisms;
  • Determination of viral load, monitoring of the course of infection;
  • Assessment of the level of gene expression, analysis of the concentration of GMOs in food.
  • One of the solutions of the Rotor-Gene Q 6plex Cyclone is analysis for forensic science and forensics.


No. Channels Light wavelength excitation / detection Examples of detectable fluorophores
1 Blue 365 ± 20 nm / 460 ± 20 nm Marina Blue®, Edans Bothell Blue, Alexa Fluor® 350, AMCA-X ATTO 390
2 Green (green) 470 ± 10 nm / 510 ± 5 nm FAM®, SYBR® Green I, Fluorescein, EvaGreen®, Alexa Fluor 488
3 Yellow 530 ± 5 nm / 557 ± 5 nm JOE ™, VIC®, HEX, TET ™, CAL Fluor®, Gold 540, Yakima Yellow®
4 Orange (orange) 585 ± 5 nm / 610 ± 5 nm ROX ™, CAL Fluor Red 610, Cy® 3.5, Texas Red®, Alexa Fluor 568
5 Red (red) 625 ± 10 nm / 660 ± 10 nm Cy5, Quasar® 670, LightCycler® Red640, Alexa Fluor 633
6 Crimson (dark red) 680 ± 5 nm / 712 hp nm Quasar 705, LightCycler Red705, Alexa Fluor 680

The processing software has the following functions:

  • Standard curve quantification
  • Relative quantification by 2 standard curves
  • Relative quantification in Ct
  • Quantitative comparison
  • Export data to the relative expression analysis software tool (Relative Expression Software Tool)
  • Output data to LinRegPCR
  • Melt analysis
  • High resolution melting curve analysis Resolution Melt – HRM
  • Analysis at the end of PCR run (end-point)
  • Allelic discrimination
  • Scatter plot analysis
  • Analysis of concentration
General specifications:
  • Sample run time from 45-90 minutes for 40 cycles (depending on rotor type and process)
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 370 x 420 x 275mm
  • Machine weight: 12.5 kg
  • Interface USB type B, RS232. port
  • The power supply used: 100-240V, 50/60Hz


  • 36-well rotor for 0.2ml. tube
  • 72-well rotor for 0.1ml. tube
  • Spool ring for 36-position and 72-position rotor
  • Control software
  • Realtime PCR tubes 0.1ml, Strip form 4 tubes, 250 strips
  • 0.2ml Real-time PCR tube (1000 tubes)
  • Cooling tray for 0.1ml. tubes
  • Cold storage tray for 0.2ml ống tubes
  • Power cord set
  • User manual
  • HP laptop with real-time PCR machine
  • Real-time PCR instrument with 6 channels (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, crimson), including laptop computer, software, accessories: includes Priority Package with software, installation, training, 3-year warranty on parts and labor, and 3 preventive maintenance visits
  • (2) rotors with locking rings (72 & 36 well), heat sealer, cables.

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