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Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime Purification System


KingFisher Duo Prime is the most versatile compact benchtop sample preparation instrument and provides a flexible and convenient solution for automating the purification of nucleic acids and proteins.

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KingFisher Duo Prime Compact Purification System provides a flexible and convenient solution for automating the purification of nucleic acids and proteins. Combined with the MagMAX Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit, the KingFisher Duo Prime can handle many sample volumes. Small volume (10 μL to 50 μL) or large volume (300 μL to 500 μL) samples can be processed on the KingFisher Duo Prime due to its interchangeable magnetic bar design.

The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime is the most versatile compact benchtop sample preparation instrument in the lab for 6 or 12 samples per run. It offers consistent extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells and includes an ultraviolet lamp for decontamination. The KingFisher Duo Prime is an affordable choice for academic or small labs.

Kingfisher Duo Prime Extraction Systems Overview

DNA and RNA extractions are crucial to several downstream applications of molecular biology. Both the molecules can be isolated and extracted from different biological samples based on the requirement. These extractions have a lot to do with the medical sciences too. 

Extracting the DNA and RNA can help detect deadly diseases like the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives. But how do we proceed with these extractions? Well, there are several methods for these, out of which purification systems are a feasible choice. Have a look at one best extraction systems – Kingfisher Duo Prime

Kingfisher Duo Prime Purification Systems: 

These systems are used for DNA and RNA extractions in the present day. The Prime systems are appropriate for small and academic labs. A significant advantage of these systems is that they purify the samples apart from extracting them. The following are the specifications of the Kingfisher Duo Prime system. 


  • Size/ Dimensions – 40 x 46 x 35 cm. 
  • Weight Metric – 17 Kg. 
  • Display – LCD color 
  • Samples – 6 and 12 
  • Interface – USB 
  • Volume – 24 and 96 deep well plates 


The Kingfisher Duo system comes with several features that help achieve different applications. The following are some prevalently known features of the Prime system. 

1. Isolation: 

These systems are mainly used for RNA and DNA extractions, as mentioned above. The Kingfisher system can perform these isolations efficiently from different samples, including cell structures, cell-free body fluids, bacteria, blood, plant samples, and tissues. The extraction volumes of these machines go up to 5 ml. 

2. UV Lamp and Bar Code Readers: 

The specialty of the Duo Prime systems from Kingfisher is that they all have an in-built UV lamp and a barcode reader. The lamp aids in easy decontamination, and the reader boosts the system’s functionality. Moreover, the barcode readers provide the facility of tracking the samples in the internal software internally. Including the reader in these Kingfisher, systems are optional and can be decided by the operator. 

3. Magnetic Bead Technology: 

These systems are incorporated with an automated magnetic bead technology just like all the other Kingfisher systems. This technology assists in the phenomenal recovery of all the samples on every usage. Moreover, this technology also delivers excellent reproducibility and efficiency of the results. 

Operating with BindIt software

  • Protocols can be modified or developed and imported directly to the instrument using a PC or via USB stick.
  • Able to save run log files individually, providing traceability and complete data management
  • The flexible, fast, and compact size system for diverse applications

Recommended for: DNA and RNA isolation from various starting materials, proteomic applications, cell isolation.

The aim of my research is the study of RNA modifications, which requires a lot of parallel RNA purification and IP experiments. KingFisher enables me to process up to 12 samples at a time with automated washing and beads separation steps, which saves a lot of time and efforts.


All the features of the Duo Prime machine from Kingfisher collectively provide the following advantages. These cater to a wide range of downstream applications of DNA and RNA extraction. 

  • When combined with Kingfisher’s Pure Isolation kits and protocols for DNA and RNA, these machines provide an easy-to-use purification system. 
  • The Duo Prime machines come with customizable software that lets the users create unique protocols based on the applications. 
  • These systems are available in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Portuguese. 
  • Any user can modify, develop or import the protocols directly onto the Kingfisher system through a USB or PC. 
  • These systems provide traceability, entire data management and can run the log files separately. 
  • The Duo Prime systems are compact in size, flexible, and generate results rapidly. 


The KingFisher Duo Prime can gently and efficiently isolate and purify nucleic acids, proteins, and cells from a range of sample types for a wide variety of downstream applications. For selecting application kits, reagents, and protocols that run on the KingFisher Duo Prime, see the Kits, Reagents, and Protocols tab.

The samples for DNA extraction with the KingFisher Duo Prime purification system may vary from plant leaves to mouse ears or any organism of interest. The sample can be extracted using various sample vessels available, e.g., blood tubes of different sizes, 15 mL/50 mL conical tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, or microplate formats.

The KingFisher Duo Prime purification system works in standard 24- and 96-plate formats. Typically, there is a need to use several pipettes of different volume settings to fill the reagents on the plate and the elution strip. However, the need to switch between pipettes has been removed.

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