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KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S CONNECT II with Xenon Light Source

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Discover the KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S™ CONNECT TC-200, the pinnacle of endoscopic visualization technology. Offering unparalleled 4K resolution and advanced imaging capabilities, it’s designed to enhance surgical precision and efficiency. Explore how our innovative system can transform your medical procedures.

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The Karl Storz Image1 S Connect, also known as the IMAGE1 S CONNECT II, is a high-resolution camera system designed for universal use in medical procedures. It boasts a 4K resolution and modern image processing technology, which includes enhanced color space, a considerable depth of field, and homogeneous illumination.

This system has three visualization technologies for tissue differentiation, offering improved visualization capabilities during endoscopic and microscopic procedures. The Image 1 S Connect integrates seamlessly with various outputs and interfaces, including DisplayPort 1.2, 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, and DVI-D outputs, alongside multiple USB interfaces and inputs for comprehensive connectivity options.

It supports unit communication through SCB and KS HIVE®, highlighting its versatility and advanced technological integration for medical imaging​​​​.


Karl Storz IMAGE1 S CONNECT II Features:

  • High-resolution camera system for universal use
  • Enhanced color space*, large depth of field and homogeneous illumination
  • 4K resolution and modern image processing technology
  • Three visualization technologies for tissue differentiation
  • Adaptability to all requirements through modular technologies (e.g., rigid and flexible endoscopy, 4K, 3D, fluorescence imaging)
  • Connection possibility for use with up to 3 link modules

To meet the increased demands on visualization and account for greater complexity in minimally invasive surgery, KARL STORZ offers IMAGE1 S CONNECT II, a modular camera system that offers users great flexibility both today and in the future. From FULL HD to 4K resolution and from 2D to 3D, white light and fluorescent imaging – the choice lies with the user.

Karl Storz Image1 S offers the user maximum flexibility to meet present and future needs. Benefits of modularity:

  1. Needs-based procurement – A specific technology that is required at a particular point in time can be selected from the large number of available
  2. Synergistic effects – all modules have the same control module so that computing power does not need constant and unnecessary This eliminates the need to procure peripherals such as monitors, documentation units etc. several times.
  3. Gains in efficiency thanks to standardization – all OR rooms have the same technological basis, independent of the surgical discipline and
  4. Future-readiness – whereas stand-alone systems are confined to the technology relevant at a specific point in time, the modularity concept ensures that the platform can be upgraded with new technologies at any This leaves room for divergent trends so that the user is never confronted with an either/or option.

The Karl Storz Image1 S (model TC-200) is an advanced piece of medical equipment designed as a core component of the IMAGE1 S™ visualization system. It serves as a camera control unit (CCU) that enables the connection and control of various endoscopic cameras and scopes, facilitating high-resolution video output for medical diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Here are some key features and functionalities of the Karl Storz Image1 S TC-200:

  1. High-Resolution Output: It supports high-resolution imaging capabilities, including 4K UHD and Full HD, to provide clinicians with clear and detailed visuals of the surgical site or area under examination.
  2. Compatibility and Integration: The TC-200 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of endoscopic cameras and instruments from KARL STORZ, enabling a seamless integration into existing medical imaging systems.
  3. Advanced Imaging Technologies: The system incorporates advanced imaging technologies such as fluorescence imaging, which can enhance the visualization of tissues, blood flow, and critical structures during surgery. This is particularly useful in procedures where precision and tissue differentiation are crucial.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The IMAGE1 S™ CONNECT features a user-friendly interface that allows medical professionals to easily control the system and adjust settings according to the specific requirements of each procedure.
  5. Flexibility and Versatility: It offers flexibility in terms of connectivity and display options, supporting various output formats and interfaces for easy integration with monitors, recording devices, and other hospital systems.
  6. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: The system is designed to improve workflow efficiency in the operating room, with quick setup times and easy switchovers between different cameras and scopes. This helps in reducing procedure times and enhancing overall surgical performance.

The KARL STORZ IMAGE1 S CONNECT TC-200 plays a crucial role in modern medical imaging by providing high-quality visuals that are essential for accurate diagnosis and successful surgical outcomes. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals across various specialties.

  • Karl Storz full 2D/3D laparoscopic tower system. Xenon Light Source 20133120,
  • Comes with 2D Image 1 HD Camera Head & 3D TipCam Camera Head/ 30 degree scope
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