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iSeq 100 Sequencing System from Illumina


Uncover the iSeq 100 Sequencing System by Illumina. A breakthrough in accessibility, this next-generation sequencing tool offers top-tier accuracy, making advanced genomics more attainable for labs of all sizes.

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The iSeq 100 Sequencing System, developed by Illumina, is an integral part of the ever-expanding lineup of next-generation sequencing (NGS) instruments provided by the company. Illumina is renowned for its contributions to the genomics landscape, and the iSeq 100 is geared towards making NGS more accessible to various laboratories, regardless of their size.

The iSeq 100 Sequencing System makes next-generation sequencing easier and more affordable than ever. Designed for simplicity, it allows labs of all sizes to sequence DNA and RNA at the push of a button.

Taking a research-oriented approach, let’s unpack the iSeq 100 Sequencing System:

Key Features:

  • Affordability: One of the standout features of the iSeq 100 is its cost-effectiveness. This system was designed to be more affordable, making NGS accessible to a broader range of laboratories, including smaller research setups.
  • Compact Design: The iSeq 100 is compact, which can be particularly beneficial for labs where space is at a premium.
  • Accuracy: Utilizing a unique two-channel sequencing method known as sequencing by synthesis (SBS), the iSeq 100 maintains the high accuracy standards for which Illumina is known.
  • Intuitive Software: The platform comes with integrated software designed for simplicity, catering to users who might not have extensive NGS experience.
  • Versatility: It’s versatile in terms of applications, allowing for targeted sequencing, small genome sequencing, and other types of genetic analyses.

iSeq 100 is affordable and accessible Benchtop Sequencer. Leveraging the speed and affordability of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and the accuracy of sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry, the iSeq 100 System enables virtually any lab to acquire powerful next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

By providing both higher data resolution and deeper coverage compared to qPCR and Sanger sequencing, the iSeq 100 System allows greater statistical confidence for calling variants or low-frequency alleles. Complement existing methods or introduce NGS for the first time with the iSeq 100 System. The iSeq 100 System offers flexibility to transition easily between multiple DNA and RNA sequencing applications, including small genome sequencing, targeted gene sequencing, and gene expression profiling. It is also compatible with the fastest library preparation workflows available.

Research Implications:

  • Accessibility and Democratization: The iSeq 100 can play a pivotal role in democratizing genomics research, allowing smaller labs or those in low-resource settings to conduct NGS experiments. This broadened access can lead to more diverse and inclusive research findings.
  • Educational Settings: Given its cost-effectiveness and ease of use, the iSeq 100 can be an excellent tool for educational institutions looking to introduce students to NGS.
  • Specialized Research: The system is apt for specific projects like studying microbial diversity, conducting targeted genetic analyses, or rapid diagnostic tests in clinical settings.
  • Development of NGS Applications: The affordability and accessibility of the iSeq 100 might stimulate the development of new NGS-based assays and applications in both research and clinical contexts.

Significance in the Scientific Community:

The availability of platforms like the iSeq 100 is transformative for the genomics field. By making NGS more affordable and accessible, it’s possible to expand the breadth of genetic research and applications.


We’ve taken most of the manual work out of the NGS data analysis process. Local Run Manager software is installed on every iSeq 100 System and automatically performs on-instrument data analysis. The software has a user-friendly touch-screen interface for starting a sequencing run, monitoring run status, viewing results, and analyzing data.

Low-throughput Sequencing Comparison

For researchers needing to complete small runs quickly, using the low-throughput sequencing instruments – less than 16 M reads/run – will avoid waiting for small batches of projects to pool for high-throughput sequencing on production-scale instruments. The iSeq rounds out our low-throughout sequencing options that include MiSeq stowaway runs, MiSeq nano and micro runs, and standard v2 and v3 MiSeq runs.


  • iSeq 100 System
  • iSeq 100 i1 Reagent v2 (300-cycle) 8 pack
  • iSeq 100 Spare Air Filter
  • iSeq 100 Spare Drip Tray Pad
  • iSeq 100 System Test Kit
  • iSeq 100 Installation, Operational, and Performance Qualification


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The iSeq 100 Sequencing System embodies the broader trend in genomics, making advanced sequencing technologies available to a wide range of users. By ensuring high-quality outputs while reducing barriers like cost and complexity, the iSeq 100 can accelerate research, enhance educational experiences, and spur innovation in the realm of genomics. As always, the effective use of such technology should be rooted in rigorous, peer-reviewed research and best practices.

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