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Eppendorf 5810R Centrifuge

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Explore the Eppendorf 5810R, a versatile benchtop centrifuge designed for advanced laboratory applications. Featuring refrigeration capabilities, safety features, and impressive capacity, it’s the ideal solution for precise sample processing. Learn more about its specifications and benefits

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The Eppendorf 5810R is a benchtop centrifuge designed for use in laboratory settings. Eppendorf is a well-known brand in the scientific community, producing a range of high-quality laboratory equipment. The 5810R model is recognized for its versatility and robust performance.

In essence, the Eppendorf 5810R is a reliable and versatile benchtop centrifuge, widely utilized in labs for various applications ranging from molecular biology to biochemistry. Its design emphasizes both functionality and safety, making it a valuable tool for researchers and technicians.

Eppendorf 5810R Features:

  • Versatility: The Eppendorf 5810R can accommodate both tubes and plates, making it suitable for various laboratory applications.
  • Capacity: This model boasts a high capacity, allowing for the processing of more samples in a single run. The 5810R typically can accommodate up to 4 x 750 mL, translating to a maximum of 4 x 4 microplates or 56 x 15 mL conical tubes.
  • Refrigeration: The “R” in 5810R indicates refrigeration capabilities. This is crucial for samples that need to be kept at a specific temperature range during centrifugation.
  • Speed: Eppendorf 5810R offers impressive speeds that can meet the demands of most laboratory applications.
  • Quiet Operation: The device is known for its relatively quiet operation, minimizing noise disruption in the lab.
  • Safety Features: With safety being a priority in laboratory settings, the centrifuge typically comes with features like an automatic lid lock, emergency lid release, and imbalance detection.
  • User Interface: It often includes an easy-to-use interface, with a clear display and simple operational controls.


  • Temperature range: -9°C to 40°C
  • Standby cooling maintains temperature when not in use
  • FastTemp function for fast pre-cooling in as little as 15 minutes and maximum temperature accuracy of the rotor
  • ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours of non-use to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life Built-in condensation drain eliminates water accumulation and prevents corrosion

How It Works:

  • Sample Preparation: Before centrifugation, samples are loaded into specific containers or tubes.
  • Loading: These containers or tubes are then loaded onto the rotor of the centrifuge.
  • Setting Parameters: Users set the desired parameters on the device, including speed (revolutions per minute or RPM) and centrifugation time.
  • Centrifugation: Once activated, the rotor spins at the set RPM, applying centrifugal force to the samples. This force separates components based on their densities.
  • Refrigeration System: For samples requiring specific temperatures, the built-in refrigeration system maintains the desired temperature throughout the centrifugation process.
  • Completion: After the set time, the centrifuge stops, allowing users to retrieve the separated samples.

The Eppendorf 5810R is a favorite in many labs due to its reliability, safety features, and adaptability to various sample types. It serves as a workhorse for a multitude of applications, from molecular biology to genetics and biochemistry.

Eppendorf® Model 5810R Refrigerated Centrifuge features a powerful, maintenance-free motor and accommodates a variety of rotors for unparalleled application versatility. Fast Cool function pre-cools chamber in as little as 15 minutes.

Temperature range from -9°C to 40°C. Standby refrigeration keeps rotor chamber at set temperature while lid is closed. It is three centrifuges in one: a high capacity general-purpose centrifuge for cell harvesting; a high-speed centrifuge for separating cell lysates; and a micro centrifuge for DNA precipitations.

The Eppendorf 5810/5810R centrifuge spins volumes from 4 x 400mL or 16 microplates. It will accommodate capacities of up to 48 x 15mL or 20 x 50mL conical centrifuge tubes per run. Interchangeable swing-bucket and high-speed fixed-angle rotors spin microcentrifuge tubes, popular glass and plastic tubes, microplates, and blood collection tubes.

Simple, easy-to-use programming: Time, temperature, speed/g-force, and radius values can be entered quickly; 34 user-defined programs with write protection for quick parameter entry ensures reproducibility; Adjustable-speed Short Spin button; Ten acceleration and braking rates-ideal for protecting sensitive samples. Variable speed, maintenance-free motor spins up to 14,000 rpm, 20,913 x g. Low profile 11-inch access height for easy sample loading. Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speed which ensures safety. 120V / 50/60Hz


20,817 x g
Selectable program memory for up to 35 individual user programs
-9°C to +40°C
13.8 x 27.6 x 24 in. (35 x 70 x 61 cm)
61 cm
70 cm
35 cm
1650 w

14,000 rpm
10 Accel/10 Braking ramps for sensitive sample material
Series 5108R Package
24 in.
27.6 in.
13.8 in.
218 lb. (99 kg)


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