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Karl Storz Autocon III 400 Electrosurgical Unit

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Elevate surgical precision with Karl Storz Autocon III 400 – a versatile HF surgical unit ideal for urology, gynecology, and a spectrum of specialties. Experience innovative technology for resection, enucleation, and vaporization with intuitive control and optimal performance in general to minimally invasive surgeries.

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The Karl Storz Autocon III 400 is a high-end, third-generation high-frequency (HF) surgery unit renowned for its capability to work with both bipolar and unipolar instruments. This versatile HF generator is designed to cater to various surgical specialties, making it a multidisciplinary unit fit for multiple medical procedures.

The Autocon III 400 boasts touchscreen controls, offering ease of use and the flexibility to adjust to different procedural requirements. Its design focuses on enhancing the precision and efficiency of high-frequency surgical applications. Providing individually adjustable procedures allows for tailored surgical settings, thus accommodating the specific needs of different disciplines within the medical field.

With this latest iteration in the AUTOCON series, Karl Storz has elevated the standard of high-frequency surgery, offering a device that combines the company’s commitment to quality with the latest technological advancements. The Autocon III 400’s compatibility with a wide range of instruments and its user-centric design exemplify Karl Storz’s innovative strides in surgical equipment.

Autocon III 400 Features:

  • High-resolution touch screen for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • Interdisciplinary application with pre-programmed procedures for all specialties
  • Optimized mode for KARL STORZ RoBi® bipolar instruments
  • Automatic smoke extraction is possible in combination with the S-PILOT™ system
  • Touch screen control
  • Interdisciplinary use thanks to individually adjustable procedures
  • Further enhancement about the performance of bipolar applications
  • Particularly suited to bipolar instruments from KARL STORZ
  • It can be combined with the S-PILOT™ to control smoke evacuation
  • It can be combined with the AUTOCON® III ARGON for argon-assisted surgery

The versatility of the Autocon III 400 extends to arthroscopy for joint-related procedures, cardiovascular surgery for operations on the heart and blood vessels, pneumology for lung and respiratory treatments, and gastroenterology for the digestive system. It’s also a valuable tool in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), which is increasingly favored for its reduced recovery times and minimal incisions.

Plastic surgery, thoracic surgery involving the chest, neurosurgery for the brain and nervous system, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) medicine, pediatric surgery, and oral and maxillofacial surgery are other areas where the Autocon III 400 finds its application. The unit’s ability to perform in both unipolar and bipolar modes allows for flexibility depending on the surgical requirements, which is why it’s a staple in a variety of medical settings.

The Autocon III 400 is celebrated in all these applications for its innovative, intelligent, and intuitive design, enhancing surgical procedures’ performance across these specialties. This multi-specialty capability makes the Autocon III 400 a multidisciplinary unit capable of adjusting to the specific needs of different surgeries, providing the surgical team with a reliable tool that ensures precision and efficiency during operations.


Max. power bipolar400 Watt
Max. power unipolar400 Watt
connection socket for bipolar instruments2 x 2-pin US type, 3 x KARL STORZ
connection socket for unipolar instruments2 x 3-pin US type, 2 x 4 mm connector (via footswitch), 1 x 5 mm KARL STORZ, 1 x 8 mm BOVIE (via footswitch)
connection socket for neutral electrode1 x 2 pin
Power supply220 – 240 VAC
Output frequency0,35/1 MHz
Line frequency50/60 Hz
Rated resistance bipolar75 Ohm
Rated resistance unipolar200 Ohm
Control via touch screenyes
Bipolar sockets expandable to:3
Connection socket footswitch2
BiVascularSafe modeno
Can be integrated into OR1with SCB control WU300
System requirements OR1 integrationSCB R-UI software, Release 20090001-46 or higher
Certificationwithout CE certification
Width447 mm
Depth457 mm
Height177 mm
Weight12.5 kg


  • UH400 – Karl Storz AUTOCON III 400 ESU
  • UF902 – Karl Storz Two Pedal Footswitch
  • 9700AC –  Karl Storz UH400 Cart
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