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Abbott AFINION 2 Portable Analyser


Afinion 2 analyzer makes it fast and easy to test quantitative determinations of HbA1c and ACR and is designed to enable simple and fast on-the-spot testing, regardless of the sample type, which may be whole blood or urine, and to deliver accurate results during patient consultation for improved patient management.

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Afinion 2 is a compact multi-assay analyzer and provides optimal rapid test results from HbA1c, ACR, CRP, and lipid panels. The tests can be performed with plasma, whole blood, or urine, depending on the parameters, and the precise results are completed within a short time, which helps improve patient care.

The test cassettes have an integrated sampling aid and all the necessary reagents for a single test. The Afinion 2 also has a self-check system and integrated error detection to rule out incorrect results.

Abbott (Alere) Afinion 2 Analyzer can reliably transfer test results to an information system. The Afinion 2 Analyzer connectivity automatically transfers patient and control results via an Ethernet cable to a connected LIS/HIS system via TCP/IP networking using the protocols POCT1-A, HL7, ASTM 1381-85 (low level) or ASTM 1394-97 (high level), selectable by configuration. With built-in connectivity, the Afinion 2 Analyzer can communicate with LIS and HIS systems to share and manage data more effectively, contributing to better patient management everywhere.

Abbott AFINION 2 is a portable analyzer used for quantitative in vitro determination of HbA1c in whole blood. This standard operating procedure (SOP) explains the protocol for monitoring blood HbA1c concentrations. This relates to the users’ responsibility in monitoring HbA1c and ensuring the quality of results and how the analyzer is used. These procedures must be followed to protect the interests of staff and the welfare of the patient.

Afinion 2 Analyzer for Point-of-Care Testing

Afinion 2 Analyzer provides an enhanced way of diagnosing, monitoring, and managing patients. It is a point-of-care machine that suits physician offices, community healthcare centers, clinics, and hospital out-patient clinics. From a normal urine sample to a whole blood sample, it helps in easy quantitative determinations of Lipid Panel, CRP, ACR, etc. 


The Afinion 2 analyzer comes with the following specifications: 

  • Size – 7.2 x 7.5 x 13.0 inches 
  • Weight – 7.5 lbs. 
  • Display – LCD color touch 
  • Operator Calibration – not needed  
  • Connectivity – USB 
  • Maintenance – not necessary 
  • Storage – Operator/ patient ID and Control/ patient results are stored in memory. 


The noteworthy features of Afinion 2 are discussed below: 

  • Connectivity: 

This analyzer can reliably transfer the test results to any information system through an ethernet or USB cable using the TCP/IP protocols. These are configuration selectable. Its in-built connectivity can communicate with LIS and HIS systems easily, sharing and managing the data efficiently. 

  • Multiple Analytes and Samples: 

The quantitative determinations of Hb1Ac and the ACR (Albumin Creatinine Ratio) are simple and quick when using this machine. Its on-the-spot testing enables easy testing of whole blood, urine, or plasma. It delivers highly accurate results for better management of the patients. 

  • Self-check and All-in-one System: 

This analyzer and its test cartridges are engineered with precision. Every single cartridge comes in-built with all the essential reagents and a sample collection device for a test. Moreover, this analyzer provides accurate results by eliminating errors with its self-check and integrated error detection mechanisms. 

Afinion 2 Advantages: 

One reason for the prevalent usage of the Afinion 2 analyzers is the pool of advantages from the machine. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Additional Calibration – These analyzers come with fixed factory calibration. The calibration data for every lot of the Afinion Test is stored in the barcode label. So, it doesn’t require any additional calibration. 
  • Size – The best thing about this analyzer is its compact size, enhancing the tests’ speed and accuracy. This multi-assay analyzer’s size is one reason for easy point-of-care testing of the patients. 
  • Speed and Accuracy – This analyzer specializes in delivering simple and on-the-spot test results. Regardless of the sample type, the machine delivers the results in no time. 
  • Quality – Be it a fingerstick or a whole blood sample, the Afinion analyzer delivers lab-accurate results on each usage. These high-quality results make it easy to analyze the patient’s performance. 
  • One-time Visits – Since the analyzer delivers instant yet accurate results, patients don’t have to visit the clinics multiple times to give the samples, collect the reports, and consult the doctors. As mentioned above, the results are processed then and there. 

This analyzer helps in providing the necessary treatment immediately by providing the results spontaneously. As there is no need to send the reports to the labs and wait for them, a practitioner’s entire focus can be on the patients. This way, the machine is also helping to provide worry-free and better treatment every time. Also, it is IFCC and NGSP certified. These enhance its performance and quality too. 


Step 1:

Collect the sample with the integrated sampling device.

Step 2:

Place the sampling device back in the test cartridge.

Step 3:

Place the test cartridge in the analyzer and close the lid. The processing starts automatically.


  • Device: Afinion 2 Analyzer
  • Power adapter and power cord
  • A quick guide to available tests
  • Instructions for use
  • 2-Year Warranty

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